During the keynote presentation for GeForce Beyond at CES 2023, NVIDIA announced and confirmed that the free RTX-powered modding platform for vintage PC games, RTX Remix, will soon be available for early access. Modders have been hacking the data from Portal RTX into earlier PC games, and they had been hoping to have a definitive release date today.

However, NVIDIA introduced numerous new features for its Omniverse development platform, which is now deeply ingrained in RTX Remix. To begin, users of the Omniverse now have access to hundreds of additional free 3D elements. These assets are from a Universal Scene Description (USD) version of the NVIDIA RTX Winter World Minecraft experience.

  • Audio2Face automatically generates realistic facial expressions from an audio file;
  • Audio2Gesture lets AI generate realistic upper body movement animations from an audio file;
  • Audio2Emotion lets AI generate realistic emotions from sadness to happiness from an audio file.
  • Move.AI’s Omniverse extension enables video-to-animation.
  • Lumirithmic generates 3D mesh for heads from facial scans.
  • Elevate3D generates photorealistic 3D visualizations of products from 360-degree video recordings.

NVIDIA introduced the so-called AI ToyBox, a collection of experimental tools, on top of those. This is a collection of extensions that includes GET3D, which is an Omniverse extension that creates trainable 3D models from 2D photos. This makes it possible for developers to rapidly leverage their datasets to construct models for 3D environments.

With the help of the GANverse3D Extension, developers can transform a single still image of a vehicle into a completely functional and drivable 3D asset that is rendered with lighting, dynamics, and PBR materials. Using the AI Animal Explorer Extension; it is possible to generate one-of-a-kind 3D animal shapes with the assistance of generative AI models by mixing and matching a variety of animal parts and then synthesizing them into a detailed mesh. This is made possible by the extension’s ability to mix and match a wide range of animal parts.

Users can now fix geometry, produce automated UVs, and reduce high-resolution CAD data to more workable polycounts thanks to a Blender Alpha version that is now available through the Omniverse launcher platform.

NVIDIA Canvas is also coming shortly to the Omniverse launcher. It will have new features that make it possible to create 360-degree landscapes with simple brushstrokes with the help of artificial intelligence. Additionally, NVIDIA negotiated with GIGABYTE and AORUS to have their laptops be the first to market in 2023 with the Omniverse launcher already pre-installed.

Creators of the Omniverse and RTX Remix modders should be able to fully realize their creative potential with the use of these tools. NVIDIA has already granted the original authors of the fan-made precursor Portal: Prelude early access to the RTX Remix software, which means that the game may be modified to include RTX capabilities.

Next month, RTX Video Super Resolution will upscale Chrome and Edge video to 4K.

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