Omega Strikers Best Builds for Dubu

Dubu will be available to you as soon as you begin your journey in Omega Strikers, and he will be the first concentrated goaltender you utilize. But don’t let that deceive you; he is also one of the game’s greatest in that respect, owing to his ability to cover a huge area with both his secondary strike and his normal strike, as well as his ability to create barriers with both his primary strike and his special attack.

But which types of training will benefit him the most? Now, in order to address that question and others like it, here are the finest forward and goalie builds for Dubu to use on Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers: Best Builds for Dubu | The Best Dubu Goalie Build

This build will be focused on increasing the size of both his Primary and his Special while simultaneously decreasing their cooldowns. Taking into consideration that Dubu’s greatest strength as a goalie lies in his ability to place creations on the field frequently, all the while having in his secondary and strike another great tool for stooping the ball, this build will be focused on increasing the size of both his Primary and his Special.

In light of the aforementioned, our primary advice for the first two Training slots will be to make use of the abilities of Creator of Large Things and Built Different. Our primary focus should be on the training since they have the potential to extend Dubu’s reach and expand the scale of his works.

It is highly recommended that you select Creator of Durable Things for the third and final slot since this will allow your inventions to remain on the field for twice as long as they did before. In the event that you have not yet acquired the Training, our primary advice will be Extra Special due to the fact that it reduces the cooldown of Special.

To summarise, the following are the most beneficial Training for Goalie Dubu:

  • Author of Things That Are Huge, Uniquely Constructed, and Highly Durable Also Writer of Extraordinary Things

How to Make Dubu a More Effective Forward

Dubu’s primary responsibility is in goal, but he also has the ability to play an effective position as a secondary striker because of his capacity to thwart attacks and serve as a key defense.

In addition to this, he is able to corner opponents and constrict the playing field, which is a useful skill for dealing with strikers on the other team. Now that it’s out of the way, as a next step, we strongly suggest that you utilize Creator of Large Things and Built Differently once again.

After you have taken care of the slots that are required, we suggest that you utilize either Perfect Form or Crossover in the third slot, depending on which strategy you choose. Because the first one will let you actively decrease cooldown as you complete hits, and the second one will enhance your overall movement speed, reducing one of Dubu’s main vulnerabilities in the process, the first one is the better choice.

As a quick review, the following are the top Training for forwarding Dubu:

Maker of Large Things, Built Different, and Perfect Form, as well as a Crossover Artist
At this time, Omega Strikers is only playable on personal computers (PCs) through Steam.

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