Omega Strikers Best Builds for Atlas

Because of his ability to effectively block and deflect projectiles, as well as his high level of adaptability in the middle of a fight, Atlas is one of the Omega Strikers characters that may be considered to be among the finest overall flex characters.

But which trainings are the most beneficial for Atlas? Now, in order to provide an answer to that question and others like it, as well as to enable you to get the most out of him, I will present you with the optimal goaltender and forward builds for Atlas to use in Omega Strikers.

Omega Strikers: Best Builds for Goalie Atlas

We recommend using Build Different and Creator of Durable Things due to the fact that Atlas’s primary and secondary abilities allow him to create obstacles and repel both the core and the opposing forwards. This is one of Atlas’s greatest strengths as a keeper, and it’s one of the reasons why these two abilities are so important to him.

The training is our primary selection since the first one will expand the area of impact of both his skill and regular strike, while the second one will extend the length of his Primary and Special attacks. Our primary recommendation for the third available slot is the Missile Propulsion, which will provide your secondary ability a significant boost to its range and allow you to travel much further.

To review, the following is a list of the top Training for your Goalie Atlas build:

  • Build Uniquely
  • Maker of Long-Lasting Things
  • Missile Propulsion

Omega Strikers: Best Builds for forwarding Atlas

If you want to use Atlas as a forward, we have some good news for you: his optimum build will remain the same. This build will feature a mix of the Build Different, Creator of Durable Things, and Missile Propulsion training. If you want to use Atlas as a forward, you should use this build.

If you want to put a bit more of your attention on utility and are willing to accept a reduction in the projectile range, employing Perfect Form might be an excellent choice because of its ability to cut down on cooldowns.

As a quick review, the following are the top Training for forwarding Atlas:

  • Build Something Unique
  • Produce Enduring Things
  • Develop Missile Propulsion / Achieve Perfection in Form

You should check out who the finest characters are in Omega Strikers for either the Forward or the Goalie position now that you know which training for forwarding and Goalie Atlas are the best.

At this time, Omega Strikers is only playable on personal computers (PCs) through Steam.

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