Later this month, Persona 3 will be released for current gaming consoles and the personal computer. Still, it appears that players will have the opportunity to experience the tale of the third entry in the series by ATLUS in the future with the implementation of a full-fledged remake.

A user on ResetERA known as lolilolailo, who is an Xbox insider and correctly predicted that the third, fourth, and fifth entries in the series would be coming to Xbox Game Pass before the official announcement, disclosed that a full-fledged remake of Persona 3 is one of the unannounced projects the Japanese studio is working on.

The remake will have aesthetics reminiscent of Persona 5 and a significant number of quality-of-life enhancements. The Answer epilogue and the female primary character campaign, both included in the P3 FES and P3P versions of the game, will not be included in the remake, which is a bit of a bummer considering how much material has been developed for the game over the years.

Because P3P and P4G are both shoddy ports of games originally designed for the PSP, it is simply money, and you can carry the “full” narrative to the new consoles (since P1 and P2 do not exist).

Graphically and in terms of quality of life, P3R is similar to Persona 5. And the content, or rather the lack thereof, may not make all of the fans happy, but they still have P3P. In addition, it is Atlus.

In an additional discussion regarding the content that will not be included in the Persona 3 remake, the insider says that it will consist of both the Answer epilogue from the Persona 3 Final Episode Special and the female primary character campaign from the Persona 3 Portable.

In addition, they cautioned one player not to get their expectations up about any potential improvements to the game’s randomly created primary dungeon, Tartarus.

Even though lolilolailo has a track record of reliability, we need to take this report with a grain of salt until it is officially confirmed that Persona 3 will be remade. Because a ResetERA moderator has investigated both the user and the facts they have shared, the information that has been disclosed may be accurate.

As was just announced, gamers on both PC and consoles will soon have the opportunity to enjoy Persona 3 Portable.

The game, which will be available all over the world on January 19th, will have a large amount of new material that was not there in the first installment, as well as various quality-of-life changes that will make the whole experience more pleasurable.

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