Next month, RTX Video Super Resolution will upscale Chrome and Edge video to 4K.

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NVIDIA announced their so-called RTX Video Super Resolution technology during the GeForce Beyond webcast held during CES 2023. NVIDIA claims that beginning the following month, users of GeForce RTX 4000 and 3000 Series GPUs will be able to enable RTX Video Super-Resolution and start benefiting from AI advancements in the upscaling of any video material viewed on Chrome and Edge browsers.

The RTX Video Super Resolution feature uses artificial intelligence to enhance the picture quality of any video viewed in a web browser by improving the resolution of the video and eliminating blocky compression artifacts. This increases the sharpness and clarity of the video and enables users to see online material in the quality of which it was initially created on high-resolution televisions.

With its Shield Android TV Pro device, NVIDIA has already provided the best-in-class AI-enhanced video upscaling. We have inquired whether this is a new application of the same technology, and if we receive a response, we will update this article accordingly.

In any case, it has the potential to be a money-saving technique for GeForce customers who watch video from Netflix, as the streaming giant only permits streaming in Ultra HD on its most costly tier.

Users of Netflix can now choose more affordable tiers of service (such as Basic, which streams in HD, or Standard, which flows in Full HD) and then use a technology called RTX Video Super Resolution to enhance the video quality of their streaming experience.

In other developments, NVIDIA has revealed that it would release new upgrades to its Studio software package. With version 1.4, the Broadcast app will now include the Eye Contact and Vignette capabilities.

The first element has the potential to provide the impression that a person is monitoring the camera rather than following a script, while the second feature is a backdrop effect that, when paired with background blur, creates the impression of a nice bokeh effect.

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