The Witcher 3 next-gen update will launch in a few hours, and based on a few new comparison videos; it appears like fans of CD Projekt Red’s third installment in the series are in for a challenge, especially if they want to play the game on PC.

ElAnalistaDeBits posted the first new comparison video that contrasts all versions of the next-gen update, highlighting how well ray tracing was implemented on the PC, how the PlayStation 5’s performance mode improved screenspace reflections, and how the Xbox Series X’s ray tracing improved performance.

  • Ray-Tracing and Performance are the available modes for the PS5 and Xbox Series S. Quality, or Performance are the other two settings available on Xbox Series S.
  • The Ray-Tracing mode on consoles only works with the sun, moon, and fire’s overall light. Ray-Tracing is not included on the Xbox Series S. SSR reflections now have better quality because of this option.
  • In some locations, the PS5’s SSR reflections in performance mode are superior to those of the Xbox Series X.
    Lower settings are available on Xbox Series S. Draw distance, vegetation quality, and shadows are reduced in performance mode.
  • Next-gen PC for The Witcher 3 Ray-Tracing reveals a noticeable distinction. Only this version features Ray-Tracing for ambient lighting, shadows, and reflections.
  • Ray-Tracing on PC has a few aesthetic flaws in reflections and shadows. Future patches are anticipated to address these.
  • Compared to the other versions, the pop-in on the PS5 is a little more obvious.
  • Series X performs better with Ray-Tracing, although Performance mode on the PS5 delivers superior performance.
  • The loading times on PS5 are faster.
  • While Series X resolution is better in some places than PS5 and vice versa, both systems have a similar average solution overall.
  • I suggest Quality mode for Xbox Series S, Performance mode for PS5, and Xbox Series X.
  • In terms of the fur on some models, the PC version still has an advantage thanks to Hairworks. With Ray-Tracing global lighting, this method does not function properly.

The Witcher 3 next-gen update’s PC version, as previously reported, has superb ray tracing implementation, which is evident in the comparative video below submitted by Cycu1.

Tomorrow, December 14th, The Witcher 3 next-gen update launches on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. Read the official update notes to learn more about everything the update adds to the game.

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