During a developer livestream, Blizzard will debut a new pre-launch movie-quality cinematic for its upcoming World of Warcraft: Dragonflight expansion. This cinematic will start off the marketing campaign for the expansion.

Beginning on November 15, Phase Two of the pre-patch will provide players the ability to build the new Dracthyr Evoker class while simultaneously warding off primal invasions. This movie has most likely been in production for quite some time, but it is most certainly taking advantage of the spectacle of How to Train Your Dragon and the most recent episode of House of Dragon to dazzle viewers.

A female Wildhammer dwarf and a troll are shown in the cinematic soaring across the sky of the Dragon Isles. This is the first time in the history of World of Warcraft that a female dwarf has appeared in one of the animated shorts. Fans are going to go absolutely nuts when they see Tuskarr fishing on a boat in all its cinematic splendour because the Tuskarr race is so well-liked.

When the sky gets black and storms begin to build, the cinematic will finally show off the danger that the dangers on the Dragon Isles pose. The opening sights are those of beauty, but gradually will show off the peril. During this terrifying episode, Raszageth, the primordial proto-drake antagonist of the expansion, is on the hunt for the two players. An interesting tidbit is that Raszageth’s gaping mouth is modeled after the gaping mouth of a penguin, which is a very unsettling design choice.

Additionally, the Dracthyr Evoker race and class are introduced in the movie. Its wings illuminate as they glow, and it unleashes a torrent of arcane energy at the screen. The two dragon riders are shown towards the end of the short flying beside Alexstrasza, the leader of the Red Dragonflight and the queen of all the dragonflights.

The cinematic is really very well done, and it marks Blizzard’s return to its previous level of excellence. It generates a sense of adventure as well as a lovely mystery, both of which were absent in Shadowlands. Blizzard has the opportunity to win back the favor of its players by bringing the action back to Azeroth and focusing on telling a straightforward tale of adventure that features well-known characters rather than focusing on more abstract ideas set in the afterlife and utilizing less well-liked antagonists and gameplay mechanisms.

Call of Duty will continue to be available for purchase on PlayStation, as Phil Spencer has said several times.

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