Well, it appears that the leakers succeeded this time. Final Fantasy XVI is expected to release in June, as had been rumored, and that was verified at The Game Awards.

The game’s latest trailer, which this time centers on the theme of retribution, was also released by Square Enix. The teaser has plenty of bloody treachery and vengeful threats, but it also offers a respectable amount of action and confrontations amongst the summoned giants. You can see it all for yourself here.

Damn, it seems intense, especially considering what the game is doing to obtain its M rating. Want to learn more? Here is the official synopsis of the game:

“Final Fantasy XVI transports players to Valisthea, which is dotted with Mothercrystals, beautiful crystal mountains that tower above the surrounding realms and bestow aether on them.

People have come to these beacons for decades to benefit from their blessing and use the aether to create spells that allow them to enjoy comfortable and abundant lives.

Each Mothercrystal has seen the emergence of enormous powers, and a tense peace has existed between them for a very long time. The Blight’s expansion, however, is now threatening to obliterate their dominions, putting the peace in jeopardy.

According to rumors, Naughty Dog will first assist in developing the Uncharted series.

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