It has come to light that the following Intel B760 motherboards from MSI will have more affordable costs when compared to the B660 goods from the previous year.

MSI’s Intel B760 Motherboard Price List Has Been Found Online, Revealing Lower Prices With Additional Features Intended For Mainstream And Budget PC Builders

A person known for their reputation in the leak scene, chi11eddog, was the one who released the pricing information for MSI’s B660 motherboards last year. One year later, the same leaker has disclosed the pricing of MSI’s B760 boards, which will be debuting with the Intel 13th Gen Non-K Desktop CPU family. These boards will be compatible with the Intel 13th Gen Non-K Desktop CPU family. Because these are the official MSRPs, retailers’ prices in their respective regions may vary from those listed here. Therefore, let’s get started with the specifics right now.

According to the pricing list, it appears that MSI will be lowering the costs of each tier, which is the exact reverse of the reports that imply a 10% price spike on B760 motherboards. The price list can be seen here. Compared to the previous year’s prices, the MAG B660 Tomahawk WIFI was sold for $259 US Dollars, while the MAG B760 Tomahawk WIFI can be purchased for $229 US Dollars.

When compared to the price of the product of the previous generation, this one is 11.5% cheaper. The Mortar Max series follows the same pattern, with the B660M Mortar WIFI being sold for $239 US and the B760M Mortar WIFI being sold for $199 US. A discount of 16.7% has been applied to the pricing. We have the following list to make it easier for you to see the differences between the launch prices of the MSI B760 & B660 motherboards:

MSI B760 vs B660 Motherboard Prices:

MAG B760 Tomahawk WiFi$229 USMAG B660 Tomahawk WiFi$259 US$189.99 US-11.5%
MAG B760 Tomahawk WiFi DDR4$219 USMAG B660 Tomahawk WiFi DDR4$249 US$179.99 US-12.0%
MAG B760M Mortar MAX WiFi$229 USN/AN/AN/AN/A
MAG B760M Mortar MAX WiFi DDR4$219 USMAG B660M Mortar Max WiFi DDR4$249 US$199 US-12.0%
MAG B760M Mortar WiFi$199 USMAG B660M Mortar WiFi$249 US$189.99 US-20.0%
MAG B760M Mortar WiFi DDR4$189 USMAG B660M Mortar WiFi DDR4$239 US$169.99 US-21.0%
MAG B760M Mortar$189 USN/AN/AN/AN/A
MAG B760M Mortar DDR4$179 USMAG B660M Mortar DDR4$209 US$159.99 US-14.3%
PRO B760-P WIFI DDR4$179 USPRO B660-P WIFI DDR4$199 US$137.94 US-10.0%
PRO B760M-A WIFI DDR4$169 USPRO B660M-A DDR4$189 US$129.99 US-10.5%

We have previously discussed the MSI B760 motherboards on a few occasions, and it appears that the next-generation mainstream range will undoubtedly provide more features and better capabilities than the B660 offerings. This is because the next-gen lineup is going to be more advanced.

Intel and AMD want to compete with their respective 13th Generation Non-K and Ryzen 7000 Non-X CPU families in the mainstream market sector. Both CPU lineups will take full advantage of budget motherboards to attract gamers.

While AMD offers its B650 range, which is only compatible with DDR5 memory, Intel offers both the B660 (DDR4 + DDR5) and the future B760 (DDR4 + DDR5) motherboards for gamers and general customers. Both of these motherboards support both DDR4 and DDR5 memory.

Intel’s B760 motherboards & 13th Gen Non-K CPUs will be available in the first week of January, just a week before the AMD Ryzen 7000 Non-X CPU launch.

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