The independent Soulslike game Mortal Shell, launched in August 2020 by Cold Symmetry (the developer) and Playstack (the publisher), is free to add to your collection on the Epic Games Store until today at 5 p.m.

Before the title was changed, the game was released under the moniker Dungeonhaven. When it was ultimately released to the public as Mortal Shell, the Soulslike video game scored 7.7 out of 10 in the official review Kai Powell wrote.

Mortal Shell is an intriguing example of how the Souls concept may be successfully used in a role-playing action game (RPG) that does not require excessive padding or levels to tell its tale.

Mortal Shell has its unique place in the ever-expanding genre, even though it is relatively short compared to other games in the same vein as Soulslike. This is due to the novel defensive strategies and the synergy between weapons and shells. Established lovers of the brutal action RPG genre should consider making an impulsive purchase of Mortal Shell because it costs only one-half as much as a conventional AAA adventure.

A roguelike mode was added to Cold Symmetry with the release of a downloadable content pack named The Virtuous Cycle in 2017. After getting Mortal Shell for free, The Virtuous Cycle will cost you $3.99 if you decide to obtain it.

New Roguelike Mode

Carve out your way to salvation in this environment that changes you from the inside out, where no two runs are ever the same. Build up your unique fighting style with the many upgrading pillars found across Fallgrim and beyond. You have inherited more than one hundred different upgrades, ranging from whole new techniques to exotic weapon modifications and everything in between.

Hadern is the new playable shell.

Once a cryptic instructor, I am now completely accessible to you. Hadern will become the fifth Shell that may be possessed in Mortal Shell, and she will be playable in both the primary campaign of Mortal Shell and The Virtuous Cycle. His one-of-a-kind skill tree enables him to access a new realm of natural skills, such as the terrifying capacity to endure punishment and mastery with daggers.

The Axatana, a New Weapon Capable of Transforming

The most legendary weapon ever wielded by Fallgrim has been discovered. When you have it in your hands, the Axatana conforms to your will, reassembling itself into a supremely hefty axe when the situation demands it and disassembling itself into lightning-fast dual katanas when you so choose. You can acquire unique movesets for each of the stances you play.

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