Moore’s law is not dead, according to Intel, which released the Arc A770 GPU with a price tag of $329.

One week after Nvidia announced some of its highest pricing for graphics cards, Intel came up with some splashy news: a price for its 2023 graphics cards that is a bit more in line with what people can reasonably expect to pay.

Tuesday, at the most recent Intel Innovation event, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger addressed the speaking stage to disclose a beginning price and delivery date for the next Arc A770 GPU: $329, and October 12.

This pricing is far lower than the most expensive Nvidia GPUs that were available a week ago, but it is intended to more closely correlate with the costs of currently available GPUs from AMD and Nvidia in the $300 price bracket.

Importantly, Intel claims that its A770 graphics card, which is the highest-end product from the company’s first wave of graphics cards, will compete with or even outperform the Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti. The Nvidia RTX 3060 Ti was released in 2018 at the price of $399, and that price point remains consistent at the majority of retail locations.

Moores law is not dead according to Intel which released the Arc A770 GPU with a price tag of 329 1

Although we have not yet had the opportunity to put Intel’s pair of 700-series GPUs through their paces, a cursory examination of their specifications reveals that they feature comparable hardware, including 4,096 shading units (in comparison to the 3060 Ti’s 4,864 CUDA cores), 16GB of GDDR6 RAM (in contrast to the 3060 Ti’s 8GB GDDR6), and a boost clock of 2.1 GHz (in contrast to the 3060 Ti’s

To this point, initial comments made by Intel to Ars Technica point to higher performance on modern games running in DirectX 12—and even improved ray tracing performance thanks to several focused hardware features that make that performance efficient in existing DX12 RT games. These comments were made in light of the fact that Intel has provided Ars Technica with a preview of the upcoming DirectX 12 Render Target.

However, Intel also hinted to Ars that in the immediate term, 3D software operating in earlier APIs will likely suffer from a mix of early Intel GPU drivers and insufficient performance tuning. This prediction was made in reference to the short-term future.

The Arc A750, which is Intel’s other GPU in the 700-series, has not yet had a pricing or release window published by the company. To this point, the business has indicated that this graphics processing unit (GPU), which has lesser specifications across the board but is generally within striking distance of the A770, will compare directly to Nvidia’s RTX 3060. (not Ti).

Gelsinger referred to a graphic of competitors’ prices and release dates before revealing the 770’s price and date of availability.

 “performance segment GPU prices” 

Nvidia has released a number of mid-range graphics processing units (GPUs) since the GTX 650 Ti.

“We are, with gamers, delivering and hearing the complaints of high prices,” 

Gelsinger stated this while pointing to the prices of RTX 3060 and 3060 Ti variants now being sold in the wild.

“You should be frustrated because you are missing out on the gaming community. And today, we’re fixing that.”

Gelsinger’s presentation contained a number of statements to the effect that

“Moore’s law is not dead,” 

It would appear that he is referring to a statement that Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang made the previous week in light of the announcements that his business made on the RTX 4090 and the RTX 4080.

Even further, Gelsinger stood in front of a slide that detailed the company’s comprehensive production chain of multiple chips and stated,

 “We will continue to be the stewards of Moore’s law.”

He added,

We are committed to maintaining our role as guardians of Moore’s law.

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