On the Nintendo Switch and on the personal computer, Monster Hunter Rise has proven to be an excellent package, and it appears that players on other platforms may soon be able to join in on the hunt as well. When it comes to tracking down Pokémon such as Rathalos and Chameleos, having more people to hunt with is always a good idea.

According to a report that was published by Insider Gaming, Monster Hunter Rise will reportedly be available for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One sometime in the first quarter of 2019. Very early, in point of fact, since the rumored release date is the 20th of January in 2023.

When it comes to video game releases, having access to more platforms is always a plus, but having access to subscription services is even better. According to Insider Gaming as well as other sources, Rise will be available on Game Pass for both Xbox and PC on that Friday. In every scenario, it will be able to support a resolution of 4K at 60 frames per second, and 3D audio will also be available on the PlayStation 5.

Since this is only a report, we won’t be able to get too excited about this development until we hear something official from Capcom. Having stated that, there is an excellent chance to make the announcement on the new ports the next week. The Game Awards 2022 will be broadcast on December 8 at 7:30 PM ET / 4:30 PM PT. Since the entire gaming community will be paying attention to the show throughout the evening, this might be the best opportunity for Capcom to officially announce the new platforms.

Since its initial release in March 2021, Monster Hunter Rise has received a significant number of updates to both its gameplay and its content. In point of fact, the most recent update was only a few weeks ago, and it included both increased level caps and improvements to the game’s overall quality of life.

This year also saw the introduction of the Sunbreak expansion, which was another major event. It is not entirely clear at this time whether the rumored new versions of the game will include that downloadable content as an integral part of their packaging.

In any event, fans of Monster Hunter have additional reasons to be excited about the future. Early in the month of November, it was revealed that Capcom and the Monster Hunter mobile game subsidiary of Tencent, TiMi, would be working together to develop a brand new mobile Monster Hunter game.

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