Players of Monster Hunter Rise on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are psyched to explore the breathtaking environment of the game and hunt a wide variety of monstrous foes. However, the experience of playing any game with friends is much more enjoyable.

Monster Hunter Rise does allow both local and online multiplayer, which is fantastic. However, gamers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One may be curious about whether or not they will be able to play with one other on other platforms, also known as crossplay.

This would allow gamers from both platforms to interact with one another, making monster hunting a far more enjoyable activity. This raises an interesting question: does Monster Hunter Rise even enable crossplay between the Xbox and the PlayStation?

When it launches, will Monster Hunter Rise offer cross-platform play between Xbox and PlayStation?

Regrettably, cross-platform play between the Xbox and PlayStation versions of Monster Hunter Rise will not be supported. This implies that players from both platforms are unable to participate in the same monster hunts in the game.

Players who were hoping to compete against their friends using the crossplay function of the game will be dissatisfied by this decision. Even a basic kind of crossplay between the Nintendo Switch and PC was not included in Monster Hunter Rise. 2021 saw Capcom make the unfortunate admission on Twitter that they had been unable to incorporate it during the game’s development.

When the game is finally available for purchase on the Xbox and PlayStation systems, nothing will change in the circumstances. Users of both the PlayStation and Xbox platforms are able to participate in cross-gen multiplayer games on their own platforms.

Users of both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 will not encounter any difficulties if they choose to participate in cooperative monster hunting. Users of Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S are subject to the same restrictions as well.

In order for players of Xbox and PlayStation to satisfy their need for multiplayer content, they will be required to do so through cross-gen play, as the crossplay feature is not currently available.

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