A member of the Reddit community has tinkered with the code for Overwatch 2 and added a new Ultimate ability for Kiriko called Bike. The user who goes by the username Rarithlynx uploaded a short video of Kiriko saying the often-memed voice line “On my Bike” before calling in a red motorcycle equipped with nitrous that she uses to run over Reinhardt, Mei, and Bastion. The video was posted on the Rarithlynx modder’s YouTube channel.

Players have been able to unlock this voice line for Kiriko in Overwatch 2 since the character became playable in Season 1 of the game. To do so, they must first reach tier 25 of the battle pass. Oddly enough, neither the video game nor the animated short that she created make any mention of the protagonist having a passion for riding bicycles of any type, whether they are pedaled or powered by an internal combustion engine.

Hearing Kiriko say, “Wait ’til you see me on my bike,” has become a common occurrence in Overwatch 2 due to the fact that it is quick and easy to get out, and everyone is so confused about where it comes from. Similar to other voice lines that players love to spam in the game, “Wait ’til you see me on my bike.”

You are unable to view the mod that was displayed above since it is in no way affiliated with the game’s official development in any manner. She is still relying on her spirit fox companion to help her use the extremely potent Kitsune Rush.

Having said that, even the devs working on Overwatch 2 have started to take note of the mod and distribute it. Justin Groot, a Senior Writer and Narrative Designer for the game’s narrative, sent a tweet in which he stated that he was surprised by the level of success that the phrase had achieved.

If this situation is anything like some previous fan contributions to Overwatch lore, there is a pretty good chance that at some point in the future, we will be able to see Kiriko riding a motorcycle in a cutscene of the game’s story, a future cinematic short, or maybe even some kind of emote. There is a pretty good chance that we will be able to see Kiriko riding a motorcycle in a cutscene of the game’s story.

When there is sufficient support from the community for an idea, Blizzard may choose to add that concept to their mythos. A similar issue occurred with D.Va, in which the fans assumed that she did nothing but consume Mountain Dew and Doritos. Now she has an emote for when “Game On” is activated that depicts her gorging herself on food, and in her animated short, you can see her office completely coated with Nano Cola and chips.

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