Ubisoft and PlayStation have surprised everyone today by releasing the most bizarre trailer imaginable for their upcoming game. It would appear that a crossover event between Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and Nier Replicant will take place in Rainbow Six, with Brother Nier being included as a playable character in the Maverick Replicant Bundle. On the other hand, it appears that Nier has aged quite a bit and has made the decision to start using guns rather than his signature sword.

During the preparation for an assault on a base, it is possible to make out Grimoire Weiss flying around an older version of Brother Nier. Because this crossover seems to go against everything that Tom Clancy stood for when he wrote his books, fans appear to be taking the news with a healthy dose of skepticism, as can be seen from the reaction to the news. Fans of the Nier franchise, on the other hand, are over the moon about the fact that they will be able to assume the role of one of their most beloved characters in yet another excellent game.

Players have the opportunity to read in the description of the trailer that “more NieR goodness to be continued during the Year 7 Season 4 reveal panel,” which provides a clue that there may be additional characters added to the game in the near future. Even though this new addition seems to elicit a wide range of reactions from fans, the majority of players are primarily interested in learning more about the manner in which Nier will be integrated narratively into the Rainbow Six Siege universe. On November 21, when the bundle is released, they will find out how well this works out for them.

Now, the majority of players are wondering which other operators from the Nier universe might make an appearance in Rainbow Six Siege. It would appear that everyone is looking forward to the possibility of including 2B, who is most likely the most well-liked character in the Nier franchise. The inclusion of Pickle Rick into the game the previous year has prepared the players for anything that may come their way at this point.

The Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet leaks suggest that Magikarp and Gyarados were intended to receive the Wiglett treatment.

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