In Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Salandit is considered to be one of the more terrifying Pokémon. It has a frightening appearance that is virtually identical to that of an adult lizard. There is a distinct difference between the male and female forms of this Pokémon since the females have the ability to control the men through the discharge of gas.

Due to the fact that it is both a fire and poison type Pokémon, it is effective against grass, insect, fairy, fire, ice, fighting, poison, and steel types of Pokémon. The acquisition of this Pokémon might be a bit challenging due to the fact that there are only a few places to locate it, and those places are all caves; nonetheless, Salandit is well worth the effort that is required. The following is information on where to look for and capture Salandit in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Getting a hold of Salandit in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet and how to get it

You need to travel to the areas that the Salandit calls home in order to catch one. This Pokémon may be found in a wide variety of habitats in the north, northeast, northwest, and southwest regions of Paldea, respectively. Caverns may be found at each of these sites; thus, you must discover a means to enter one of these caves.

There is a cave in the northeastern part of the map that is an excellent one where you may easily discover Salandit early on in the game. On the way from Porto Marinada to Medali, there is a cave that you may stop to explore. You will find yourself in a large cave at some point during your journey; as you make your way toward the cave’s exit, you will come across one or more Salandit.

When you come across a Salandit, you can either move approach it or start the combat by throwing a Pokeball at it. Now it is time to deal the Pokémon as much damage as you possibly can. Pokémon of the ground, water, psychic, and rock types are especially dangerous for Salandit.

During the battle, you can use those Pokémon to quickly deal damage to Salandit, and then when its health is low, you can throw a Pokeball at it to capture it. If you are still unable to bring it in, try throwing a more powerful Pokeball, such as a great one.

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