Both the Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos, Kratos’s weapons, offer a variety of ways in which they may be upgraded, ranging from equipment to skill trees as well as direct increases to their efficacy.

The Knobs that go at the end of the handle are one of the most prevalent, and the Fortified Frost Knob is one of the first you’ll encounter anywhere in the globe. Although its effects won’t completely change the way the game is played, it serves as a useful bridge until you discover something far more potent. This manual will instruct you on how to get it as well as describe its functions.

The Fortified Frost Knob, similar to the Cursed Empress Handles that are used on the Blades of Chaos, is located a little bit out of the road and is guarded by a boss. You will not be able to access it unless you have progressed far enough in the tale to reach The Applecore mine.

You will arrive on the third floor once you have solved the elevator riddle. You will need to make your way around the level, via the crouch tunnel, and across the grappling gap until you get to a door that is below and to the left of you.

You will need to descend and then open the door in order to create a new instance of The Hateful, the global boss. Because he will only call forth two enemies this time, and there is only one healing stone in the area, you will need to be more nimble in order to take him out. It is necessary to defeat him and unlock the chest in order to obtain the Knob.

You can get the benefit of Frost Resolve once you have donned the Fortified Frost Knob by holding the Triangle button while activating the Frost Awaken ability. Your defense and stagger resistance will be increased throughout the duration of the buff, which is around four seconds. This will allow you to engage in combat with your foes with less concern that they would retaliate against you.

Your Strength and Cooldown numbers both improve as a result of the Knob, which in turn improves the damage you deal and makes it so that it takes slightly less time for your Runic Attacks to become available again.

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