As you cause havoc and destruction throughout the city in Goat Simulator 3, there are a variety of Easter eggs and references hidden throughout the game for you to find and enjoy. Everything from allusions to classic shooters like Wolfenstein to characters like Goku from Dragon Ball Z makes an appearance.

If you look carefully enough, you could even locate the Channitatium Shield, which is a clear allusion to the shield that Captain America uses. This walkthrough will direct you to the location in Goat Simulator 3 where you may acquire the Channitatium Shield.

Instructions on how to discover the Easter egg depicting Captain America in Goat Simulator 3
The Channitatium Shield may be regarded as one of the numerous hidden easter eggs that have been hidden throughout Goat Simulator 3 for players to discover.

Even though it is not constructed of vibranium, this shield is still quite strong and is a wonderful aesthetic item to get if you plan on wreaking havoc on the town. The Channitatium Shield functions in the same manner as Captain America’s shield, in that it may be thrown and will return to its owner anytime they ask for it. After being tossed, the shield will seemingly defy the laws of physics by ricocheting off a variety of objects before coming to a stop.

You may pick up the Channitatium Shield during Coscon, which is the most prestigious conference for cosplayers in Goat Simulator. This region is located on the westernmost border of the map, immediately to the south of the location of the bridge.

You should be able to locate a big glass display case in the convention center that contains the Channitatium Shield. To unlock it, you need to crack open the case and go within the shield. Additionally, it will be immediately outfitted for you.

Once you have unlocked the shield, the rest of the Captain America stand-in, Sargeant Yankee’s, outfits will become available for purchase in the wardrobe menu. You can do this once you have unlocked the shield. If you want to take it a step further, you can take a selfie with Sargeant Yankee near the Wonder Entertainment sign not too far from where you pick up the shield. If you want to take it a step further, you can take it a step further.

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