The Core i9-13900KS, Intel’s first 6 GHz CPU, has just been subject to benchmark tests that have slipped out into the Geekbench 5 benchmark database, and it now lies 10% in front of the 13900K.

In the most recent benchmark leak, the Intel Core i9-13900KS 6 GHz CPU performs 10% faster when multi-threaded and 5% faster when single-threaded.

The most potent Raptor Lake CPU will be the Intel Core i9-13900KS, which has 24 cores and 32 threads in an 8 P-Core and 16 E-Core configuration. The 13900KS CPU is the first chip to reach 6 GHz right out of the box because it has a “Thermal Velocity Boost” frequency of up to that amount.

The CPU has a “Turbo Boost Max” frequency of up to 5.8 GHz, while the P-Cores and E-Cores operate at standard turbo frequencies of up to 5.4 GHz and 4.3 GHz, respectively.

  • Core i9-13900KS 8+16 (24/32) – 3.2 / 6.0 GHz – 66 MB Cache, 150W (PL1) / 253W (PL2)+
  • Core i9-12900KS 8+8 (16/24) – 3.4 / 5.5 GHz – 30 MB Cache, 125W (PL1) / 241W (PL2)

The CPU will have a 150W PL1 rating that can be increased to 253W and even higher using the extreme power profile modes, along with 68 MB of combined cache. When it becomes retail in early 2023, the CPU is anticipated to cost around USD 799 but will only be offered in a small number of units.

Intel Core i9 13900KS 6 GHz CPU Benchmarks Leak Out
Intel Core i9 13900KS 6 GHz CPU Benchmarks Leak Out 1
Intel Core i9 13900KS 6 GHz CPU Benchmarks Leak Out 2

The CPU outperforms the i9-13900K by 5% in single-core performance, scoring 2319 points, and we may expect an improvement of up to 10% in multi-threading performance.

The Core i9-13900KS will provide a 10% increase in single-core performance and a 40% increase in multi-threaded performance compared to the Core i9-12900KS.

The Core i9-13900KS isn’t cheap, and it’ll cost you at least $100 to $200 more than the Core i9-13900K while using much more power. However, because of this, there will be fewer of the chip’s units produced than the Core i9-13900K CPUs as a whole.

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