In recent months, both Sega and Capcom have demonstrated a readiness to combine two of their most successful gaming properties. Monster Hunter and Sonic the Hedgehog have been growing closer together recently, with Sonic-themed cosmetics being made accessible in Monster Hunter Rise. Now, Sega is doing its part to repay Monster Hunter for its generosity. The following is a walkthrough for obtaining the Monster Hunter downloadable content in Sonic Frontiers.

Instructions for downloading the Monster Hunter downloadable content for Sonic Frontiers

As this article is being written, the Monster Hunter downloadable content for Sonic Frontiers is not yet available; however, its release is imminent. You will be able to download two pieces of armor from the Monster Hunter series as well as a BBQ spit that comes with a minigame for you to play when you interact with it beginning on November 14.

Everyone will be able to download the DLC for free, and it will be available on every platform shop that Sonic Frontiers is available on. At this time, it is not clear if the downloadable content will always be available or if it will disappear at some point.

You may equip Sonic with one of two different sets of Rathalos armor when you download the Monster Hunter DLC, and he will then sprint about the open zones while wearing that gear. The hedgehog is protected from head to toe by one piece of armor, while the other set exposes around half of his body.

It has not been established whether or not the armor will have an effect on Sonic’s defensive stat when he is playing the game; nonetheless, if this turns out to be the case, we will be astonished. We speculate that it is little more than a superficial alteration.

There will be a minigame involving the barbecue spit, in which you will control Sonic while he prepares some meat over an open flame. This may be an opportunity to acquire some more Seeds of Power or Defense that allow you to improve those stats with the Hermit Koco in the game; however, it is also possible that this is just a little small activity that adds some Monster Hunter flavor to the game before you take on a titan.

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