Instructions on How to Obtain Kiriko’s Cute and Pixel Sprays in Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2, the practice of giving each hero an unlocked ‘Pixel’ and ‘Cute’ Spray has been carried over from the first game. These sprays depict the hero in a chibi or 16-bit manner, respectively. Players may earn these Sprays by completing difficult accomplishments, and then use them in-game to demonstrate their superiority over other players.

Overwatch 2’s brand-new heroes, Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn, each come with their own unique Sprays that may be added to your collection of cosmetic items from the first game. In this walkthrough for Overwatch 2, we will explain how you may get Kiriko’s Pixel and Cute Sprays so that you can use them.

How to Get the “Cute” and “Pixel” Sprays for Kiriko in Overwatch 2

The ‘Yokai’ accomplishment is required to acquire Kiriko’s ‘Cute’ spray, while the ‘Purified’ achievement is required to gain her ‘Pixel’ spray. It is highly recommended that you read our tutorial on Kiriko’s Playstyle in order to acquire a better idea of her Abilities before we begin going further into the specifics of her abilities. If you want to add even more Sprays to your collection, we also have tutorials on how to get Junker Queen, Kiriko’s Cute, and Pixel Sprays, so have a look at them if you’re interested!

How to Get Access to Kiriko’s Adorable Spray

You will need to complete the ‘Yokai’ accomplishment in Overwatch 2 in order to unlock Kiriko’s ‘Cute’ Spray. You may get this achievement by recovering 1500 health and scoring 5 critical hits without losing your life when playing Quick Play or Competitive mode.

Kiriko’s primary fire has the ability to heal, while her secondary fire is responsible for doing harm. To maintain your life, you will need to hold back as much as you possibly can and focus on healing as much as you possibly can. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, don’t be afraid to utilize your “Swift Step” talent to get out of it as fast as possible.

You will need to use Kiriko’s Kunai to score five headshots in order to get the required five critical hits and unlock the Cute Spray ability. It is recommended that you aim them towards tank characters, as the bulk of them have quite huge critical hitboxes. As Kiriko, it is simplest to land critical strikes on D.Va and Winston in particular out of all of the other characters.

Instructions on How to Obtain Kiriko’s Pixel Spray

In order to get Kiriko’s ‘Pixel’ Spray in Overwatch 2, you will first need to obtain the ‘Purified’ achievement. This can be done in Quick Play or Competitive by removing five bad effects with a single use of Kiriko’s Protection Suzu.

Because it is not very often that you will be in a situation in which you may remove five bad effects at once, you will need to remain vigilant at all times for the possibility of doing so. This is especially important considering that Protection Suzu has a cooldown of 14 seconds. The fact that heroes may be impacted by numerous bad effects at the same time is a blessing for us, as it means that you won’t necessarily have to cleanse your whole team in order to earn this spray.

Some of the unfavorable impacts that can be eliminated are as follows:

  • Ashe sustained injuries from the Junker Queen’s application of Dynamite Wounds, including Rampage Ana’s Sleep Dart and Biotic Grenade.
  • Mei’s Blizzard Reinhardt’s Shatter Sombra’s Hack

When it comes to acquiring Kiriko’s Pixel Spray, your best ally will be the Junker Queen who belongs to the other side. Because Queen’s whole toolkit is focused on dealing with wounds, she will continually inflict them on your team using both her normal abilities and her ultimate, which deals with two wounds at once. This is because her ultimate combines the effects of both of her ordinary skills.

This implies that you have the opportunity to acquire the achievement by aiming at least three heroes who have been damaged by Junker Queen’s Rampage and throwing your Protection Suzu at them.

You also have the option of keeping an eye out for injured comrades on your squad who have been affected by a second detrimental impact. This might be a Biotic Grenade from Ana, which strikes many opponents at once; a Hack from Sombra; Dynamite from Ashe; or even Reinhardt’s Shatter if you’re quick enough. You may read our guide on Junker Queen’s playstyle and skills to gain a better understanding of how the wounds function, and it will help you significantly.

Visit our Overwatch 2 website for additional Overwatch 2 Hero guides, our early impressions of Overwatch 2, and other content pertaining to Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 may now be played on the PC, the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It can also be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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