In God of War: Ragnarok, the Einherjar invasion did not claim the lives of every single Vanir. In order for some of them to make it through, they had to look for seidr magic, which is among the most destructive that is currently accessible. When they utilized it for an extended period of time, it corrupted them, turning them into Reavers and making them a problem for the area that they had previously guarded.

In the chapter “Conscience for the Dead,” Kratos receives the mission to eradicate these beings from these areas in an effort to clean up the disaster they have created. In God of War: Ragnarok, the following is all the information you need to know in order to finish the Conscience for the Dead side quest.

God of War: Ragnarok is the next stage for All Conscience for the Dead.

This quest may be obtained from the spirit that resides within the Cliffside Ruins. She will explain what has occurred and tell you where you may find the Vanir that has been tainted. They are going to be located further to the south of the River Delta. If you have not done so earlier, you need to move the enormous stones that are in the way of your journey to the south.

In order to do this, travel to the middle of the Cliffside Ruins and the second floor. You may reach the top of the structure by lowering the gold chain and lowering it further by burning the brambles with Sigil Arrows and the Blades of Chaos. When you reach that point, you will find a glyph that you may interact with to go over the rocks and continue heading south.

Just before you get to the Goddess Falls, make a hard left and follow this trail into the woods. This will lead you to The Veiled Passage, and from there you need to make your way very deep toward the back of the area.

You will need to climb a cliff on the left side, and after you reach the second level, the Reavers will be there. In order for the mission to be considered accomplished, each of these enemies must be eliminated. When you have finished clearing them out, you should go back to the spirit that was in the Cliffside Ruins and let them know that the assignment has been completed.

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