The blue hedgehog gets to go on one of his most epic quests to date in Sonic Frontiers, which allows him to go through expansive zones that are packed with a variety of challenges, fights, and treasures. However, there is not much available in terms of alternative kinds of transportation.

You are presented with an adventure that has quite a few minigames in various locations, but there is one that stands out from the others. This article will explain what Arcade Mode is in Sonic Frontiers as well as how to unlock it.

Instructions on how to access the Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers

The only thing that has to be done in order to access Arcade Mode in Sonic Frontiers is to finish the game’s main storyline. After you have defeated the game’s final boss, the “Arcade Mode” option will become accessible on the main menu, where it may be selected at any time by the player.

What exactly is involved in Sonic Frontiers’ Arcade Mode?

Arcade Mode is a basic menu that allows you to choose any of the Cyber Space missions in the game and access them instantly, even if you have not unlocked them in the main adventure. You may do this regardless of whether or not you have completed the game. Typically, you may locate them by placing one or two gears that you have gotten from Guardians into a portal. Alternatively, you can find them in random nooks and crannies in the open zones.

Before any more DLC is announced in the future, Sonic Frontiers already has a total of thirty Cyber Space missions accessible for players to complete. The purpose of the Arcade Mode is to provide a mode that is both faster and easier to use in order to get access to the boost-style stages that are dispersed around the various in-game regions.

You may go through these quick-paced tasks without having to remember the specific places and areas of the game where they are placed since you can just choose them from the menus instead of having to remember where they are.

At the end of the day, there is not a large well of post-game content added to the end of the game, but we welcome the chance to access levels you loved playing through the first time you played through them.

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