The third installment of the Goat Simulator series is packed with hidden easter eggs and allusions to other games that have been released throughout the years. You’ll come across anything from homages to Wolfenstein to subtle digs at Assassin’s Creed’s watchtowers in this game.

One of the most evident Easter eggs in the game is a hidden tribute to Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, and it is one of the most hidden Easter eggs. You are welcome to come here to pay your respects to those who have passed away. The Pay Respects Easter egg may be found in Goat Simulator 3, and this guide will show you just where to look for it.

In the Goat Simulator 3 – Pay Respects event guide, the location of the easter egg that says “Press F to Pay Respects” is included. There is a cemetery known as Brumehill Cemetery located to the north of where the game begins.

It should display on the map as soon as you synchronize with your first Goat Tower once you have completed the quest. If you head north toward the cemetery, the sky will become darker, and it will seem as though everything has a gray filter applied to it. Once you have arrived at this location, proceed into the cemetery and search for the three graves that each have a huge cross on top of them.

When you find one of these graves, just like in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, you will be prompted to press a button in order to pay your respects when you come across it. Despite the fact that the button is labeled R rather than F, it is still impossible to deny that this is a reference to the infamous scene in Advanced Warfare.

When you find one of the graves, an event called Pay Respects will begin automatically for you to participate in. The following places in and near Brumehill Cemetery are where you may discover the graves:

  • Within a sizable crater located in the middle of the mausoleums
  • In the enclosed space that is surrounded by fencing to the left of the church’s main entrance
  • On the opposite side of the enclosed space that has fencing

After you have paid your respects at each of the graves, ghosts will begin to materialize all throughout the cemetery, and some of the ghosts will even emerge from the graves themselves. This will also unlock the doors to the church, allowing you to participate in a new mission known as “Fit for the Cross.” In this mission, your objective is to convince visitors to the cemetery to run on the treadmills located inside the church.

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