Instructions on how to do a Super Jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

Since the beginning of Overwatch, Mercy has been an essential component of the team’s support squad. She is a formidable healer with a move set that allows her to be flexible, which enables her to deliver healing in a variety of forms, from her one-of-a-kind resurrection ability to offensive buffs, and she even has some damage dealing potential.

As a consequence of this, Mercy is an approachable healer and Support Hero for players of any level, despite the fact that she possesses a few unique moves that may be utilized in Overwatch 2 to move across the map in an even more expedient manner.

The Super Jump is a specific skill that gives you the ability to leap over large structures and competes with your Ultimate ability in terms of how quickly it allows you to ascend. Continue reading for our walkthrough on how to perform the Super Jump move with Mercy in Overwatch 2!

Instructions on how to do a Super Jump with Mercy in Overwatch 2

The following are the procedures that need to be taken in order to perform Mercy’s Super Jump in Overwatch 2:

  • Place your sights on an ally who is close by and whom you may target.
  • Make use of the power known as “Guardian Angel.”

While you are moving ahead, keep an eye on the meter that fills up on the right side of your reticule; the more filled it is, the more of a launch you will have, in any direction.
At the same time as the meter fills up, you should point directly upward and leap.

You are going to launch yourself into the stratosphere, so have fun and look for a secure landing spot!
Users have already begun recording movies on the best ways to carry out the instructions for this trick; thus, you are welcome to use the following video as a reference:

Overwatch 2 brings nothing new to the table in this regard. Even though Mercy’s jump abilities, including this one, have undergone balance changes over the years, it is still a useful ability to have at your disposal in case you need to swiftly go to distant parts of the map without using Mercy’s ultimate ability.

The Super Jump is not overly difficult to execute, and it has the potential to yield significant benefits; as a result, this character has increased versatility both as a field physician and as a soldier. Finding out what your character is capable of doing in addition to what is displayed on the Ability screen is going to be one of the most exciting aspects of playing Overwatch 2 for sure.

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