In World of Warships, Wargaming is excited to announce the very first “Treasure Hunt” event of its kind. This treasure hunt is open only to Captains from the United States and Canada, and it will give you the opportunity to win incredible physical prizes as well as a large number of in-game rewards, as well as presents from their partners at Omen, HP, Discord, Windscribe, Gamivo, Cooler Master, and Displate.

The Treasure Hunt will begin on November 15 and continue for a total of 13 days, during which time it will be divided into two parts: the Hunt and the Supergame. Players in World of Warships will collect Treasure Tokens by completing daily and weekly challenges in order to participate in the event known as the Treasure Hunt, which will last for a whole month. These tokens can be traded in at any time for a variety of random awards, including those drawn from a fixed prize pool and in-game prizes like the cruiser Atlanta, the gir, or the aircraft carrier Béarn.

Wargaming’s partners are also providing prizes, such as headphones made by Cooler Master, posters made by Displate, a membership to Windscribe, or a gift card to Gamivo in the amount of either $4 or $20.

Also, first-time Discord Nitro customers who are successful in completing their first Treasure Hunt mission will be rewarded with a free month of the premium service Discord Nitro. This offer is only available to people who are new members of Nitro and who have not previously cashed in on one of the company’s promotional offers.

When The Hunt is done, we’ll go on to the next phase, which is the Supergame. Participants in a Twitch broadcast who have collected at least six Treasure Tokens will be entered into a random drawing for the opportunity to win one of a variety of exclusive pieces of physical hardware, including personal computers, gaming consoles, and iPads.

During the course of the month-long Hunt, you will have the opportunity to trade tokens in for the following prizes:

To begin accruing tokens, you will first need to go to the Treasure Hunt website and click on the Start Hunt option. Once you do this, you will receive one token as a reward. After that, you’ll go on to your second mission, which is to triumph in any three of World of Warships’s engagements. After doing it, you will have access to the Daily assignments as well as the Weekly chores. Throughout the entirety of the Hunt, they will serve as your primary method for acquiring tokens.

The daily assignment will remain the same during the entirety of the search, and it is possible to finish it each and every day. It is straightforward: Invite a new player to World of Warships through the Recruiting Station, and have them participate in at least one fight while piloting a ship with a Tier VI rating. Upon successful completion of this activity, you will be awarded three tokens.

There will be three new weekly challenges introduced to the Treasure Hunt every week that it is open. These challenges can be completed until the conclusion of the Hunt. The objectives will range from things like achieving a perfect score on a naval history exam to viewing a World of Warships Livestream and achieving a perfect score on a World of Warships Livestream. You will get one token for successfully completing each activity, with a maximum of 12 tokens available to you if you complete all of the tasks.

Following the conclusion of the Treasure Hunt, the World of Warships Supergame will be streamed live on the 14th of December on the World of Warships channel on Twitch. During the course of this broadcast, users will be eligible for rewards if they have accumulated a minimum of six Treasure Tokens through their gameplay. You will receive one Treasure Pass for every six tokens that you bring in as payment. If you have a bigger number of Treasure Passes, then your chances of winning some actual prizes will be higher.

During the course of the Supergame webcast, the following awards will be made accessible to viewers:

*Participants who live in the states of Florida and New York in the United States, as well as residents of Quebec in Canada, are ineligible to win cash or prizes of any kind in this competition.

Visit if you want more information about the Treasure Hunt or if you want to play World of Warships for free.

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