Scarlet and Violet each have their own unique Tera kinds, which tie in with the recently discovered Terastal Phenomenon. On November 18, 2022, one of the new gameplay features called terastallizing will become a part of the experience a Pokemon trainer has while traveling around the world of Pokemon.

Since the first announcement of Scarlet and Violet back in February, players have been given a clearer understanding of the story’s major storyline themes, as well as the new Pokemon and improvements to the gameplay systems that will be included.

Because terastallizing is analogous to Gigantamaxing and Mega Evolutions, which were both features of older mainstream games, it is vital and useful to discuss these features in order to provide the best possible experience for players.

Every single one of the Tera Types can be found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

There are 18 different Tera Types, as stated in the official article that was produced on this subject. This indicates that in the Paldea Region, Pokemon of any prior kind of element can transform into a Tera Type of their choosing through the process of terastallization. For the benefit of novice players who are not familiar with all of the Pokemon kinds that have been included in the series thus far, the following are:


It would appear that Scarlet and Violet’s use of Terastallizing will play a key role in competitive Pokemon battles. Players are afforded the opportunity to change the typing of their Pokemon while they are engaged in combat. This affordance can be used to increase the power of moves that correspond to a player’s Pokemon’s typing, or it can be used to remove a type weakness from a Pokemon that is about to be hit by an extremely powerful attack.

This feature is evocative of some Pokemon abilities, such as Libero or Protean, in which a Pokemon’s type might change based on the sort of moves it has used.

It is believed that individual individuals of a Pokemon species might possess distinct Tera Types. This would make for more individuality among Pokemon of the same species in the region as well as the benefits they bring in combat against Pokemon that are unfriendly and potential villains. As was the case with previous power-up mechanisms, the function may only be utilized once during each skirmish. This is one of the limitations of the system.

Terastallizing is a process that continues until the fight is ended, while also delivering a more powerful boost than a typical STAB move if the Tera type plus one of the Pokemon’s original types is the same. These are some of the peculiarities of the method that are worth pointing out.

Changing Pokemon with the same original typing as its Tera-type to specialist mono-type focused attackers rather than making them redundant in combat conditions.

The Nintendo Switch will be the only platform supported when Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are made available for purchase on November 18.

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