In MLB The Show 22, who are the managers for the Fall Stars Featured Program

The regular season of the 2022 MLB season has come to a conclusion, and the MLB The Show 22 Legends of the Franchise program will shortly follow in its footsteps. Don’t be concerned; on October 7, a brand-new Featured Program will begin airing in its place.

This highlighted program will be known as the Fall Stars program, and it is scheduled to release a number of brand-new 99 OVR cards into both MLB The Show 22 and Diamond Dynasty. To that end, which players are in line to be labeled as the program bosses for this competition? Let’s have a peek.

In MLB The Show 22, who are the managers for the Fall Stars Featured Program?

The announcement that there would be nine unique bosses in MLB The Show 22’s Fall Stars Featured Program was made public on October 5 by San Diego Studios. One catcher, one first baseman, one shortstop, one center fielder, two right fielders, two starting pitchers, and one reliever will be featured in this program.

After waiting another day, SDS finally started releasing the names of the program supervisors. The first three bosses are represented by a card from the Takashi Okazaki series featuring Ken Griffey Jr., a Retro Finest card featuring Joe Mauer, a former Twins catcher and an athlete who has appeared on the cover of MLB The Show twice, and Francisco Lindor, a current Met and a former shortstop for the Indians and the Guardians.

The names of the other six were revealed by SDS over the subsequent twenty-four hours. The following is a list of all nine bosses that are featured in the Fall Stars program:

  • Joe Mauer
  • Francisco Lindor
  • Ken Griffey Jr. Vladimir Guerrero Sr.
  • Robert Gibson
  • Christopher Sale
  • Dennis Eckersley
  • Jimmie Foxx
  • The Babe Ruth

It will be the second 99 OVR player item that Ken Griffey Jr. has gotten in the year 2022 after the program is completed. The other one was made available to the public earlier this year as a part of a different initiative.

The identities of the other six will be made public in the days leading up to the program’s comprehensive launch. On October 7th, this program will get underway.

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