God of War: Ragnarok, much like its forerunner, features a diverse assortment of gameplay mechanisms for players to become proficient at. Even if they are introduced rather gradually at the start of the game, it is still very simple to become confused by the numerous weapons, upgrades, and combinations that need to be learned.

This is especially true when the game’s skill trees are first presented because each of the three skill trees offers new damage kinds and ideas that might be difficult to comprehend without significant explanation.

You can get by picking any skills that suit your playstyle (and you’ll probably unlock them all eventually), but these are our recommendations for the best ones to give yourself an advantage in the game’s early hours. These early skill choices are not crucial, as you can get by picking any skills that suit your playstyle.

The best abilities available early on in God of War: Ragnarok

Glacial Rake

Glacial Rake is a Leviathan Axe early talent that costs a little bit more than some of the other early abilities you may purchase, but we believe that the additional wait time is well worth it. The early parts of the game shouldn’t put pressure on you to learn a skill right away, and the fact that Kratos’ axe can be used in a variety of situations makes it a very important item.

To use it, you must first depress and hold the R1 button. This will cause your regular light attack to be followed by an underhand swing that launches ice spikes in a cone. This is an excellent method for dealing with groups of foes that are less powerful and applying a significant quantity of frost damage. The most significant negative is that the windup time may be rather extensive; therefore, you should ensure that you leave yourself some breathing room before committing to the animation.

I. The Chaotic Rampage

Since the Blades of Chaos already come equipped with a variety of sweeping strikes out of the box, we suggest equipping them with Chaotic Rampage as soon as possible to give them a little bit more single-target power. This ability is equally as simple to use as Glacial Rake, which is a nice extra feature.

Holding down R1 allows you to launch a sequence of light strikes that are efficient methods to inflict damage during the lengthier periods of monsters like the Huntress. All you have to do to complete this combo is press and hold R1. Some later talents will, as an extra benefit, also provide the ability to tack on strong finishers to the conclusion of a Chaotic Rampage.

Protector Ever Vigilant

Even though Atreus’s skill tree starts off rather restricted, and his skill points won’t build up as rapidly as Kratos’, it is still beneficial to put as many of them as you can into Watchful Protector as soon as you possibly can.

This ability may not be a game-changer per se, but it will most certainly come in useful whenever battles become more difficult and foes begin to appear in greater groupings.

Atreus will automatically utilize it to draw the opponent’s attention when Kratos is under pressure, which will help you get out of some tight scrapes and save you from having to start over. You won’t need to worry about activating it, either.

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