Since World of Warcraft servers was upgraded to The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King, Blizzard Entertainment has had a difficult time moving on from the World of Warcraft: Classic Era.

They have made an effort to preserve the vanilla environment by maintaining the existing servers in a state of limbo and testing out new seasonal servers that provide a gameplay experience that is just slightly different from the original. The trial period for these servers appears to be drawing to an end, and beginning in February, players who have invested in the Season of Mastery servers will have only one choice available to them.

On February 14, all World of Warcraft: Season of Mastery servers will be shut down, making it impossible to play the game on any of them. However, players will still be able to see their character lists for a certain period of time after the “enter world” option has been deactivated.

During this time period, Blizzard will offer free character transfers for Season of Mastery servers. This will let players move their characters to either a Classic Era realm or a Wrath of the Lich King Classic realm, depending on whatever version of the game they are playing. 

Since it is common knowledge that the majority of Classic Era realms have been abandoned at this time, the vast majority of players that attach a great deal of importance to their Season of Mastery characters will probably wish to move them to a Wrath Classic server.

Blizzard does not provide players with a specific time limit for when they will continue to be able to move characters from Season of Mastery worlds, but they do pledge to inform players when this option will no longer be available. When it originally began, Season of Mastery had a modest audience, but as time has gone on, it has truly only catered to a minuscule and specialized group of people all throughout its run. Given the less-than-stellar results of their test run, it is uncertain whether or not Blizzard intends to create a new season, although, at this moment, it is doubtful that they would do so.

It is also unknown what Blizzard intends to do with the Wrath of the Lich King Classic when the current iteration of the game has completed its intended purpose. They have sent a poll asking for comments on a Cataclysm Classic, but when it comes to nostalgia, the majority of World of Warcraft players only appreciate the original game and the first two expansions.

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