I Am Jesus Christ is an upcoming first-person adventure game that was first shown off in 2019. The game allows players to take on the role of none other than Jesus Christ himself. You will guide Jesus on his journey from Jerusalem to Galilee, beginning with his birth and ending with his resurrection. Along the way, you will attempt to assist a number of his disciples. A new gameplay trailer was released not too long ago, and it allowed players to get a better idea of how the game will ultimately look.

As Jesus, you’ll have the opportunity to work more than 30 miracles throughout the course of the game. These miracles can be as simple as assisting someone to pull or push objects in order to construct a building or bridge, or helping someone else to catch fish.

Or, your miracle could be something more involved, such as curing someone of an illness or restoring their sight to someone who was previously blind. Several of these miracles, such as turning water into wine and walking on water, are described in the New Testament, and they follow what is said there. Those who are looking for reliable religious information will be able to find it in “I Am Jesus Christ.”

Obviously, that is not the only thing you will be doing while playing this game. In this 10-hour-long experience, you will as advertised on the game’s page on Steam, participate in events such as “The Last Supper,” and later on in the game, you will have to battle Satan.

In the month of December, those who can’t wait to put themselves in the role of the Good Shepherd will have the opportunity to do so when I Am Jesus Christ: Prologue is released on Steam. The full version of the game is not expected to be available for PC until the second quarter of 2023, but players will get a taste of what’s to come with this prologue.

You also have the option to participate in the game’s playtest, which allows you to make a request for early access to the complete game so that you can play through it and provide the developer with feedback. However, there is no assurance that you will be allowed to participate in the playtest.

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