The fan-favorite hedgehog goes on a massive journey in the video game Sonic Frontiers. Even after completing all of the game’s five islands, each of which contains a unique set of courses and other obstacles to overcome, there is a possibility that the real ending of the game will not be unlocked for you if you do not carry out one particular objective.

Continue reading for some crucial information if you want to make sure you see the actual finish of the story. Take into consideration the fact that describing it would involve revealing some really major spoilers.

How can I get access to the real ending in Sonic Frontiers?

The last encounter in Sonic Frontiers pits the player against the supreme Titan, Supreme. After that fight, he goes into space to face an evil known as The End, but unless you play the game in Hard Mode, you won’t actually get the chance to participate in this fight yourself unless you adjust the difficulty level. That sums it up well. Modifying one of the game’s settings in the menu is all that is required to play the game’s alternative ending, and if you so choose, you can do so at any time prior to the showdown with the Titan.

In the event that Hard Mode is active, you will be given the opportunity to engage in combat with The End. You’ll take command of Sage as she navigates the battlefield in Supreme, and the action will unfold in a manner similar to a bullet hell video game. The conflict will be resolved without any actual input from you in a cutscene if you are not playing on Hard Mode, which is kind of a letdown. If you are playing in Hard Mode, the conflict will not be resolved.

What happens when you finish Sonic Frontiers with a perfect 100% completion rate?

You might have come away from reading this guide with the impression that you had to complete Sonic Frontiers with a perfect score in order to view the real conclusion (a task that can take roughly 30 to 40 hours). However, doing so will only earn you the right to brag about your accomplishments. Aside from the satisfaction of a job well done, there is no significant payoff for finishing the game with a perfect score.

Having said that, if achieving that 100% target is something you want to do, we can still assist you in doing so. On Kronos Island, Ares Island, and other islands as well, we have walkthroughs available for all of the challenge locations.

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