To shield its users from hate raids that have been occurring on the platform, which introduced Shield Mode. Shield Mode enables moderators and streamers to specify safety parameters during their streams to help stop viewer harassment. These settings can be adjusted to your desired level of strength, and you can control who is permitted to comment on your video.

Shield Mode is simple to use, and you can turn it off whenever possible. Shield Mode should be a key component of every Twitch streamer’s toolkit because it is simple to stop hate raids from getting out of control.

Activating Shield Mode when streaming

Shield Mode must be active during a stream to be activated. Shield Mode is accessible through the moderator page, stream manager, and channel menu.

Shield Mode can be started by simply typing “/shield” in a chat window. It will start defending your steam as soon as it goes into effect. Shield Mode settings can also be customized to meet your needs in terms of safety.

If the security configurations need to be strengthened during an unanticipated hate raid, you can change these settings while the stream is broadcast.

You can enter the command “/shield off” to deactivate Shield Mode at any moment. Additionally, you can choose the purple window in the chat that denotes the presence of Shield Mode.

There will be a switch to disable shield mode next to the “Open” button. If the streamer is otherwise engaged, Shield Mode can also be turned off by a moderator.

Shield Mode Settings & Functions

You can use Shield Mode to implement a bulk phrase ban and restrict chat access to viewers following you for a predetermined amount of time. Additionally, you can decide whether you want words and/or emotes in your chat or block any new chatters.

Spend time experimenting with the options to find what works best for you. If you encounter an excessive number of hate raids, stricter settings might be advised, but you can also turn off Shield Mode if no issues seem imminent.

Now that you know how to activate and deactivate Shield Mode, you can decide for yourself.

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