How to Obtain the “Cute” and “Pixel” Sprays for Sojourn in Overwatch 2

Every hero in Overwatch 2 continues to have an unlocked ‘Pixel’ and ‘Cute’ Spray, which depict the hero in a vintage video game style and a chibi style, respectively. This is a tradition that was started in the original game. In order to get these Sprays, players must first accomplish difficult feats, and then they may use them to demonstrate their prowess almost anyplace in the game world.

Overwatch 2’s brand-new heroes, Kiriko, Junker Queen, and Sojourn, each come with their own unique Sprays that may be added to your current collection of cosmetic items from the first game. In this walkthrough for Overwatch 2, we will explain how you may get Sojourn’s Cute and Pixel Sprays so that you can use them.

How to Obtain the “Cute” and “Pixel” Sprays for Sojourn in the Overwatch 2 Game

The ‘Cute’ spray that Sojourn uses can be acquired by achieving the ‘Taking Charge’ accomplishment, however, the ‘Pixel’ spray that she uses is connected to her ‘On The Move’ achievement.

It is highly recommended that you read our tutorial on Sojourn’s Playstyle in order to acquire a better idea of her Abilities before we begin going further into the specifics of her abilities. If you want to add even more Sprays to your collection, we also have tutorials on how to get Junker Queen and Sojourn’s Cute and Pixel Sprays, so have a look at them if you’re interested!

The Methods Required to Obtain Sojourn’s Cute Spray

You will need to acquire the ‘Taking Charge’ accomplishment in Overwatch 2 in order to unlock the ‘Cute’ Spray for Sojourn. This achievement can be won by achieving four killing blows with a single use of Overclock in either Quick Play or Competitive mode.

While Sojourn’s Ultimate ability is active, her Railgun will be continually charged to its maximum capacity thanks to her ultimate power, which is called Overclock. While Overclock is active, you should make regular use of Sojourn’s secondary fire at the maximum possible percentage.

The majority of non-Tank characters will die instantaneously if they take a headshot. Because you will only have roughly 6 full charges available to you, landing critical hits is of the utmost importance. You will be able to get Sojourn’s Cute Spray if you put in sufficient effort, are fortunate, and work in concert with the other members of your group.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Unlocking Sojourn’s Pixel Spray

You will need to complete the ‘On The Move’ challenge in Overwatch 2 in order to unlock Sojourn’s ‘Pixel’ Spray. This challenge may be completed by eliminating an opponent with a charged Railgun headshot while sliding in either Quick Play or Competitive mode.

This one will depend primarily on how much practice you put in. When Sojourn delivers damage to foes or enemy barriers, the charge bar on her Railgun will fill up. When her charge reaches 100, which is indicated below her crosshair, her secondary fire will deliver a significant amount of damage, which will instantly kill the majority of enemies that are not Tanks.

To use this charge, you must perform a headshot on an opponent while utilizing the ‘Power Slide’ ability that comes equipped with Sojourn. As was just explained, using Sojourn’s Ultimate will cause her Railgun to be continually and completely recharged for a certain amount of time.

Even though Power Slide has a cooldown of six seconds, using her Ultimate will provide you the opportunity to damage a Tank hero to the point that a charged headshot will kill them, allowing you to slide and fire after doing enough damage to prepare them. Remember to utilize the Disruptor Shot for additional damage, but watch out that it doesn’t finish them out before your Railgun can.

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Overwatch 2 may now be played on the PC, the PlayStation 5, the PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. It can also be played on the Nintendo Switch.

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