How to Get into Valkyrie Elysium and Discover the Real Ending

In the tradition of previous entries in the Valkyrie Profile series, Valkyrie Elysium has a total of four distinct conclusions to the story, any of which can be uncovered in the last chapter of the game. But how exactly do you reach the game’s intended conclusion? Here is how to get the real ending of Valkyrie Elysium on your very first run through the game, so that you may experience what many consider to be its pinnacle achievement.

A word of reassurance before you begin: the strategy guide reveals only information that is absolutely necessary to know, and it does not reveal any spoilers concerning the story’s conclusion or the identities of the game’s last bosses.

How to Get into Valkyrie Elysium and Discover the Real Ending

Before commencing the ninth and last chapter of the game, “The Fate of the World,” you will need to search for and gather each of the game’s eight accessible Verdant Blossoms. Only then will you be able to unlock the game’s actual ending and play it for yourself.

After you have completed that step, all that is left to do is start the next chapter, obtain the ninth and final Verdant Blossom, and then speak with Armand so that you may pick the option to “Accept that you are a Valkyrie and accomplish what must be done.” After you have done that, all that is left to do to unlock the real ending is to keep playing through the game and defeat all of the bosses.

Check out our guide on the location of all the Verdant Flowers of Valkyrie Elysium if you are having problems finding the blossoms. It is highly recommended that you do so.

To review, here is the key to opening the door to the real ending in Valkyrie Elysium:

  • Before moving on to the ninth chapter, make sure you have collected every Verdant Blossom from Chapters 3 through 8.
  • Proceed with the ninth chapter of the game.
  • Obtain the last Verdant Blossom by collecting it.
  • Read all Verdant Blossoms (Optional but highly recommended).
  • Have a conversation with Armand and select the option that says “Accept that you are a Valkyrie and accomplish what must be done.”
  • Continue through the chapter, then beat all of the bosses to get access to the real conclusion of the game.

At this time, Valkyrie Elysium is only available for purchase on the PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 platforms. The PC version of the game is scheduled to be published on November 11, 2022, and will be available just through Steam. Remember to check out our analysis of the game when you have a chance.

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