How to Fix an Error with the Bonelab OpenXR Loader

Fans of virtual reality will have the opportunity to discover a new universe thanks to Bonelab, which was developed by Stress Level Zero. While engaging in combat with recognizable foes, players now have access to innovative gameplay features, such as the option to switch avatars.

On the other hand, certain gamers could experience difficulties, particularly if they wish to add modifications to their game. Because of a problem with OpenXR, there have been a few isolated instances of the game failing to load for particular users. However, players who encounter this issue shouldn’t be too concerned because there are ways to repair the Bonelab OpenXR Loader error by playing with VR-specific settings. Players who do encounter this issue need not panic.

Is There Any Way to Solve the Problem With the Bonelab OpenXR Loader?

It is feasible to resolve this issue via Steam, as one of the developers explained in a post that was shared on Reddit. If you are having this problem, it is likely because you are utilizing a version of OpenXR that was developed for Oculus or Windows Mixed Reality headsets. The following is the procedure to correct the error:

  • Launch SteamVR after your headset is connected and ready to go.
  • Gain access to the settings for SteamVR. This may be accomplished by using the program that loads up on the desktop once SteamVR is launched.
  • Click the tab labeled Developer, then click the box next to Current OpenXR Runtime. Before moving on, check to see that it still says SteamVR even if you are able to modify the setting.

If you have performed all of these procedures, you should no longer experience any problems with the OpenXR Loader error. Due to the fact that the game and its multiple runtimes are still in the process of being updated and optimized, it is possible, though not guaranteed, that this issue will occur even if the Runtime is not set to SteamVR.

In the event that you continue to experience this problem, your best option is to reinstall either Bonelab or SteamVR on its own. You will be able to ensure that everything is configured correctly by performing a new installation.

If problems persist even after that, you should bear in mind that Bonelab has very specific system requirements. If you do not have a powerful computer or the appropriate controllers, there is a chance that the game will not operate properly for you.

PC systems that are capable of playing virtual reality games can play Bonelab.

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