Freya has a lengthy history with Odin, and in God of War: Ragnarok, she wants to lay some of it to rest and make sure that she will no longer have to deal with the Allfather. Freya’s goal is to guarantee that she will no longer have to deal with the Allfather. You may identify the site of her last wedding if you go around Vanaheim, and it is going to be one of the strategies she employs in an effort to achieve her goal.

After completing the quest with Freya in the area of Vanaheim and rescuing her from Odin’s enchantment, you will be granted entry to this destination. In God of War: Ragnarok, the following is all the information you require to successfully accomplish Freya’s, Missing Peace.

The God of War: Ragnarok campaign contains all of Freya’s missing peace stages.

The location of Freya and Odin’s wedding was a clearing in the heart of the Vanaheim forest. You will have to make your way down the River Delta, through the Noatun’s Garden, and up by the Cliffside Ruins before you can proceed.

At this point, a massive gate will appear in front of you and obstruct your route. As a direct consequence of this, you will be unable to enter the grove that served as the backdrop for Freya’s wedding. Instead, you will have to make your way back to the Cliffside Ruins, where you may construct a new passageway, and then backtrack to get there.

As soon as you approach these cliffs, you must vanquish the adversaries that are present here and cleanse the area. After you’ve dealt with them, head to the left and climb your way to the top of the ruins. At long last, you will be able to make your way to the area’s center, where a gold chain is suspended from the ceiling.

You may link to the brambles by having Freya use her Sigil Arrows on the wall when you are standing on the ruins that are closest to the chain. After you have completed this step, go to the next step where you will use the Blades of Chaos to light the brambles, set fire to the chain, and then lower the chain.

After you have unlocked the golden chain, climbed to the top, and arrived there, you will find a glyph that you may use your chisel to carve. You will be able to utilize the rune that is revealed to bring down the enormous gates that are impeding your progress. Now, go back to your boat and navigate through them using your boat.

You will arrive at the Goddess Falls, the site of Odin and Freya’s wedding when you follow the following location. There will be a number of foes waiting for you when you arrive, and you will need to eliminate all of them before you are able to proceed further into this place.

If you follow the task marker up the wall, Freya will show you the way to a locked door that she can open with her magic. On the opposite side of the wall, there will be a shrine that has Reavers within its walls. It is necessary to dispatch the Reavers and rid the area of their presence. In addition to that, a Soul Eater will be there.

The fight against this creature will be quite similar to the one you had against the Forest Ancient. You will need to use your Leviathan Axe to strike the beast in the center, then gather the orbs it drops and throw them back at it to deal damage.

Once the Soul Eater has been vanquished, you will need to locate three of Freya’s things within the shrine; however, these items are dispersed around the surrounding region and are not easy to find.

Locations of all of Freya’s personal effects within Freya’s Missing Peace.

The first object may be found on the right side of the shrine, on the other side of the bridge from where the bridge leads. You have to bring it down, which you may accomplish by setting fire to the brambles on the right side of the shrine with Freya’s Sigil Arrows.

You have to bring it down, which you may accomplish by setting fire to the brambles on the right side of the shrine with Freya’s Sigil Arrows. As soon as you are able to make it through, there will be a number of Nightmares waiting for you in the region that lies beyond.

When you go to the opposite side and are getting closer to the item, there will be a few Revenants and some other foes of a lower threat level for you to fight and destroy. After you have dealt with those, you will be able to approach the object, which is Freya’s circlet, and grab it from there.

When you have the circlet in your possession, Freya will allow you to pass through to the right side. Keep up with her, and when you reach the glyph, use your chisel to turn it on. After then, in order to make use of the item, you will need to descend to a lower level.

You are able to complete it in the area’s center, but there is something lacking from it. Next, make your way to the southeast corner of the room, where there is a door that is shut off. It will be necessary for you to make use of Freya’s Sigil Arrows in order to join the two flames together and clear the path ahead.

You will find a number of foes waiting for you on the other side, but they are guarded by a Cursed Nokken. In order to get to the Nokken and kill it before you finish off the other foes, you will need to use Sigil Arrows on the brambles on the left.

After defeating them all, Freya will be able to retrieve her chalice. After that, Freya will show you another road to walk, and at the end of that path, you will locate the second glyph that you need to activate. Activate it by going back to the center of the room now.

You and your companion will be able to cross to the opposite side after Freya has finished building the bridge. The last thing Freya brought to her wedding with Odin is now available

The last thing Freya brought to her wedding with Odin is now available Following the completion of a cutscene, both you and Freya will be required to leave the shrine. However, before you sail away from this spot, a couple of Dreki will show up on your boat. You won’t be able to leave this region until both of them are dead.

The task will be considered finished after both of the Dreki enemies have been vanquished and the boat has been retrieved.

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