An Abundance of Pokémon It is not surprising that early-game versions of Scarlet and Violet’s Pokémon do not have the same level of visual appeal as their evolved forms.

This could not be further from the truth when it comes to Stonjourner, which is frightening enough just due to its size, let alone the fact that it is basically half of a building.

It is of course essential for completing one’s Pokédex, as well as being a useful addition to an early-game party that can hold its own against more powerful foes.

The method for capturing Stonjourner

Going to the Asado Desert is all you need to do in order to find Stonjourner, in contrast to some other Pokémon that can only be found under specific circumstances or in a variety of different environments across Palden. This region occupies a big chunk of western Paldea, and it is difficult to avoid it.

You will travel there relatively early on in the main Victory Road questline, most likely around the time that you face off against Gym Leader Kofu in the nearby town of Cascarrafa. Given its massive size, Stonjourner should likewise be difficult to overlook.

Keep in mind that Stonjourner is a Pokémon of the stone type, so its weaknesses include being vulnerable to fighting, grass, ground, steel, and water attacks while you try to catch it. You can also take advantage of its resistance to damage caused by insects, fire, flying enemies, and ice to slowly chip away at its health without causing it to lose consciousness.

Your team will benefit from Stonjourner’s high base health, defense, and attack stats, as well as its natural ability to deal damage of the stone type. However, its ability is where its true potential lies, as is the case with the majority of Pokémon.

The Power Spot ability, which has a textual description that reads “just being next to this Pokémon powers up moves,” raises the attack power of all allied Pokémon by an astounding thirty percent. This indicates that it is possible for it to have a significant influence on the result even if Stonjourner is not involved in the conflict at all. The Scarlet and Violet versions of Stonjourner do not have any evolutions available.

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