How to contact Google about getting a refund for Stadia purchases

(Pocket-lint) – After January 19, 2023, the cloud gaming platform Stadia developed by Google will no longer be operational.

You will have until then to play every game in your own Stadia library, but what will happen to the several dollars, euros, or pounds that you have invested in the service over the past two years? What happens to the full-priced games that you’ve already purchased?

We’ll Any and all Stadia-related hardware and game purchases that were made on the Google Store will be refunded by Google. The following is an explanation of how it will operate and when you may anticipate receiving your money back.

What is Google giving back to customers?

You will receive a refund for any and all titles that you purchased from the Google (Stadia) Store. The same is true for in-game purchases (DLC).

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Additionally, Google will issue refunds for gear that was purchased directly from Google, including the Stadia Controller, the Stadia Founder’s Edition, the Stadia Premiere Edition, and the Play and Watch with Google TV Package.

There will be no reimbursement for any previous Stadia Pro membership fees from Google. You will not get a refund for any of the monthly payments that you have already paid up to this point. Despite the fact that there will be no more payments deducted from your account after September 29, 2022, you will still be able to play all of the games that you have won with your Pro membership up until January 18, 2023.

How to get a refund for your purchase of Google Stadia

The good news is that in most cases, you won’t have to take any action in order to get a refund from Stadia. The majority of the time, Google will instantly reimburse qualified hardware and game purchases directly into the account that was used when the transaction was made.

In the event that this cannot be accomplished, an email will be sent to the Stadia account holder with more information on the processing of the refund.

By the middle of January 2023, it is anticipated that the vast majority of reimbursements would have been completed.

Additional aspects to take into account

You might get your money back, but you should also think about extracting the data from your Stadia account.

It will remain accessible on Google Takeout until the end of the game on January 18, 2023, and will contain profile information, gaming statistics, social data, save files, and captures.

It’s possible that, at some time, you’ll wish to remove Stadia from your Google account as well. You’ll find the instructions for how to accomplish that right here.

On YouTube, each and every Google Stadia video has been hidden from public view.

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