You should, for the most part, have a pretty decent notion of how to solve the numerous obstacles that are presented to you in Sonic Frontiers. On the other hand, every once in a while, you will come upon a conundrum that, for a variety of reasons, you just are unable to solve.

It may appear that you are not to blame in certain situations. It’s possible that this is the situation with M-063 on Chaos Island. This walkthrough will show you how to solve the orb problem in Sonic Frontiers.

Tutorial on how to beat the M-063 challenge located on Chaos Island in Sonic Frontiers
Challenge In Sonic Frontiers, the challenge known as M-063 may be found on Chaos Island. It is likely a type of obstacle that you have already faced in the game.

After you have completed the core pillar of the Cyloop, an orb will emerge in front of you that has to be Cylooped through a series of three hoops. The goal in the center of the court is low and can be reached with relative ease, but the goals on each side are a bit more difficult to achieve.

Simply pressing your homing attack button as soon as you land from your leap is the key to successfully knocking the ball into the two upper hoops. You might be able to turn it off by simultaneously pushing the two buttons on the remote. If you position yourself so that you can strike it in, your homing attack won’t bring the orb crashing down as it would if you hit the center hoop; rather, it will hold it higher in the air.

It is easy to see why such a large number of individuals have struggled with this particular obstacle. This is the first challenge that needs you to begin your homing attack a fraction of a second after leaping. While you have probably already finished previous tasks that are comparable to this one, this is the first one that includes this requirement.

When you try to assault the orb in any other manner, it does not go in the direction that you want it to travel. The explanation for this is unknown. We believe that this challenge might have benefited from a little bit more testing to ensure that it functioned well, or at the very least, something should have been included to explain the difference in how the orb reacts to your homing strike.

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