Do you want to play every character in Risk of Rain 2? Then, come along with us as we break down the process of unlocking every Survivor in a step-by-step format.

The sci-fi roguelike developed by Hopoo Games has seen a substantial increase in the number of playable characters thanks to the release of four new expansions and a 1.0 Launch Update.

As of the year 2023, there are 14 playable characters, known as “Survivors,” each of whom has a distinct gameplay style and a unique way to unlock them.

In this walkthrough, we will walk you through the process of unlocking all of the Risk of Rain 2 characters and offer detailed instructions at each stage of the process.

This guide will be updated in the future when new Survivors are introduced, so check back and let us know if there is any information we have missed!

How to Unlock Commando Mode

How to Unlock Commando

None of the achievements were unlocked.

Fans following the Risk of Rain series from the beginning will immediately know the Commando as the primary protagonist from the very first game.

The Commando is the first character to be controlled in RoR2 and has a brand-new 3D model. He is also the character that is selected by default.

Even though you can choose to play as the Commando right away, you won’t see his guide entry until you’ve completed at least one mission as him.

How to Unlock Huntress

How to Unlock Huntress

None of the achievements were unlocked.

You needed to acquire the ‘Warrior’ accomplishment to unlock the Huntress in the past. This could be done by completing stages one, two, and three in a single playthrough without losing your life.

However, since then, this approach has been moved to the Bandit, and the Huntress is now playable without any further steps.

As a result of her swift and dexterous gameplay, Huntress is an excellent option to Commando for players just starting in the game.

How to Unlock Bandit

How to Unlock Bandit

Gain access to the Warrior achievement.

As indicated previously, to unlock Bandit, you must first complete three stages in a single playthrough without losing your life.

Be aware that for a stage to be declared completed, both the teleporter and the stage boss must have been defeated.

You can do this task yourself or with a group of other players on any available difficulties.

We suggest lowering the level to ‘Drizzle’ if you discover that you are having problems progressing through all three stages (Easy).

How to Unlock the MUL-T

How to Unlock MUL T

Unlock Achievement: Verified

To get access to the MUL-T, you will need to complete the first level five times, making it a point each time to activate the teleporter and defeat the boss that stands in your way.

The most effective strategy for achieving this goal is to finish the first stage and keep leaving the area until the MUL-T option becomes available.

How to Unlock Engineer

How to Unlock Engineer

Gain access to the Engineering Perfection achievement.

To get access to the Engineer, you will need to complete a total of thirty stages.

The good news is that the game keeps track of this information cumulatively, so you do not need to complete all 30 stages in a single playthrough.

You can continue using the strategy from before and farm the first level several times, or you can simply play the game as usual.

How to Unlock Artificer

How to Unlock Artificer

Unlock the Achievement: Press and Hold

To get access to the Artificer, you will need to accomplish five different objectives. To begin, you will need to gather 11 Lunar Coins, a unique kind of cash with a slight chance of appearing whenever you defeat an adversary.

Next, look around each area of the stage until you locate a Newt Statue colored blue. When you have found one, walk up to it and use one Lunar Coin to cause a blue orb to materialize nearby.

Follow the standard procedure to reach the teleporter of the stage, but hold off on entering it as soon as it becomes accessible. Instead, wait by the teleporter for a Lunar Portal to open next to it.

If you go through that portal, you will be sent to the Bazaar Between Realms. Once there, you will need to spend 10 Lunar Coins on the strange crystal that the Bazaar sells to release the Artificer.

How to Unlock Mercenary

How to Unlock Mercenary

Unlock the achievement known as True Respite.

To unlock the Mercenary, you will need to accomplish four different objectives. First, during a single run, you must continue to clear stages until the game cycles back to the beginning stage.

After your second trip here, the region will be covered in white Celestial Portals all over the place.

If you go through any of these portals, you will be sent to a new location where you will need to figure out how to complete a jumping challenge to get to the bottom.

You’ll encounter a gigantic pillar at the bottom of the level; if you interact with it, your character will perish instantaneously, bringing an end to your adventure and allowing you to unlock the Mercenary in the process.

How to Unlock Rex

How to Unlock

Power Plant is an achievement you need to unlock.

Before you can unlock Rex, you will need to get the battery pack out of the rear of your escape pod at the beginning of a new run. This is required.

As soon as you have the item in your possession, the next step is to carry it with you through to the fourth and final stage, which is the Abyssal Depths.

However, there is a catch to carrying this item: if your Survivor’s health falls below 50% at any moment, the battery pack will explode, causing you to die quickly and end the journey.

Until you reach the Abyssal Depths, it is in your best interest to play as cautiously as possible and stock up on as much defensive and healing equipment as you can afford.

Once you’ve reached that point, use the jump jets to propel yourself to the top of the stage. When you reach the top, you’ll find a small platform with a dormant Rex into which you can place your battery pack to activate it again.

How to Unlock Loader

How to Unlock Loader

Unlocking the Guidance Offline achievement requires you to:

You will need to beat the Alloy Worship Unit monster in Siren’s Call to open Loader. However, the Alloy Worship Unit boss will only appear if Siren’s Call is your fourth stage completed in the game.

Because of this, you will either need to keep playing until you score a lucky roll or finish a third stage and enter Siren’s Call straight through the portals in the Newt Shop.

As soon as you enter Siren’s Call, it would be best if you immediately began searching for and destroying the blue vulture egg nests spread out around the stage.

When sufficient objects are destroyed, a notice that reads “You hear a distant buzzing…” will appear. Continue to wipe out nests until you receive the warning, “The whirring grows loud….”

If you kill the Alloy Worship Unit that will appear in the center of the map as a result of this, you will get the “Guidance Offline” achievement, which will allow you to use the Loader.

How to Unlock Acrid

How to Unlock Acrid

Unlocking the “…To Be Left Alone” Achievement

To open Acrid, you will need to stabilize the cells situated in the Void Fields, which can only be accessed by traveling to the secret world of the Bazaar Between Time.

Under the walkway that leads to the Bazaar, you will see a series of enormous beams that you may fall upon; continue down until you reach a tunnel that radiates a yellow light and fog.

After entering, you will see a dark vortex that will take you to the Void Fields; once you are there, you will need to look for Void Cells, which will be denoted by purple beacons that emerge in the sky.

You will need to charge nine Void Cells by getting close to them and staying alive until the procedure is finished. Each Void Cell has a protective zone around it that you may utilize to heal yourself while charging it.

You will have a handful of seconds to regain your health once a cell has been fully charged. This is because attackers will stop spawning, and the safe zone will decrease in size until it disappears entirely.

After charging all nine cells, you should be able to acquire the “…To Be Left Alone” accomplishment, which will allow you to unlock Acrid simultaneously.

How to Unlock Captain

How to Unlock Captain

Washed Away as an Accomplishment

If you aren’t concerned about being spoiled, you should know that to unlock Captain, you must first complete Risk of Rain.

To proceed to the game’s concluding level, Commencement, you will initially have to get to Sky Meadow and then figure out how to line up the teleporter with the moon.

As soon as you are transferred to Commencement, the game will begin generating tough foes, which you will need to overcome to fight Mithrix, the final boss of RoR2.

Matrix has a set of predetermined techniques, but he is capable of doing an astounding amount of damage. Therefore it is essential to maintain a safe distance from him during the fight.

After Matrix has been defeated, you will need to grab a ride on a spaceship to get off the planet before the moon blows itself up.

You will be able to win the game and unlock Captain as a playable character if you can protect the rescue ship for a full minute.

How to Unlock Heretic

How to Unlock Heretic

None of the achievements were unlocked (Secret Character)

There is a hidden unlockable Survivor known as the “Heretic,” also spelled “Kur-skin,” who cannot be chosen from the character pick menu.

For you to be able to change into him, you will need to acquire the following four items from the Heresy set during the span of a single run:

  • Imaginings of the Heresy
  • Assemblages of Heresy
  • The First Steps of Heresy
  • The Very Heart of Heresy

The way to earn each item has evolved. The most recent technique requires players to complete the Blockade Breaker Challenge by achieving victory over 15 monsters in a single game session.

This contains monsters who have spawned naturally in stages, as well as bosses that are teleported in from other levels. You must undertake this procedure each time you wish to play as the Heretic character.

How to Unlock Railgunner

How to Unlock Railgunner

None of the achievements were unlocked (DLC Character)

A new playable character, known as the Railgunner, was introduced into Risk of Rain 2 with the release of the Survivors of the Void expansion.

Her characteristic railgun is a long-range weapon with intelligent homing rounds and strong piercing projectiles. She is said to as a “lethal and skilled markswoman,” and she enters the fight with the weapon.

If a player purchases the Survivors of the Void downloadable content pack, they can unlock the Railgunner. Once the package is installed, the Railgunner will be added to their account immediately.

How to Unlock Void Fiend

How to Unlock Void Fiend

None of the achievements were unlocked (DLC Character)

A new playable character, known as the Void Fiend, was introduced into Risk of Rain 2 with the release of the Survivors of the Void expansion pack.

It has been called an “eldritch, void-mutated beast,” It uses the Void as a fatal weapon by amassing corrupted energy until it reaches a critical point. This process is described as “building up to a critical point.”

After purchasing the Survivors of the Void downloadable content pack, players can unlock the Void Fiend. Once the player has installed the content, the Void Fiend will immediately be added to their account.

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