As the Chill Season makes its way into Splatoon 3, a collection of brand-new weaponry has been added to the game and is now available for players to acquire and test out. If you are a lover of rollers, you might want to investigate utilizing the most recent addition to that class, the Big Swig Roller.

Another weapon with a one-of-a-kind design in the game, this one consists of a cup that has a bendy straw attached to it that feeds ink into the roller. This will show you how to unlock it as well as how to make use of it.

The Big Swig Roller may be unlocked in Splatoon 3 by following these instructions.

In order to gain access to the Big Swig Roller at Splatoon 3, you will initially need to acquire it from Sheldon, who can be found in the Ammo Knights weapon store. If you are not currently at a level that enables you to receive it, you can buy it with Gold Sheldon Tickets, provided that you have enough. If this is not the case, you will need to increase your level to the appropriate location in order to obtain it via a standard Sheldon Ticket.

Big Swig Roller stats in Splatoon 3

The Big Swig Roller’s kit includes a splash wall and an ink vac as standard equipment for use. To activate it’s special, you must have a total of 200 points. The fact that this brand-new roller can cover a larger surface area with its ink is the device’s primary selling point. The range of this roller is noticeably superior to that of the Carbon Roller, and its ink speed and handling are likewise superior to those of the standard Splat Roller. In general, it is superior to other rollers in terms of its ability to cover a greater area in ink.

Splatoon 3’s Big Swig Roller, and the best strategy to use for it

When using the Big Swig Roller in Splatoon 3, the most important thing to keep in mind is that its primary purpose is to spread ink throughout the ground and that its combat capabilities come in a distant second. If you try to run over an adversary that is not hurt, you will just bounce off of them, leaving yourself vulnerable to a counterattack.

When it comes to propelling ink through the air, thankfully, it has a decent speed and spread to it. Keeping this in mind, you will want to get near enough to an opponent that you can toss ink at them while holding down ZR. This will allow you to roll soon after throwing ink at them, giving you the opportunity to finish them off with the roll.

Be careful not to charge straight into the foe in an attempt to do this, since this will give them the opportunity to inflict significant damage on you.

Regarding the remainder of the Big Swig’s equipment, the Splash Wall does not actually correspond to the playstyle of a roller very well at all. We strongly advise against utilizing it for anything else but isolating foes that are confined in a tight hallway.

If you are in a location that is densely populated with other players, the Ink Vac ability may come in handy for you. Be careful to utilize it to soak up as much enemy ink as possible, deal some damage to the other players, and then attempt to detonate it on a bunch of enemies.

If you want to utilize the Big Swig effectively in combat, you will need to get close and personal with your opponent, just as you would with any other roller. The sole kind of combat that comes highly recommended from us is a combination of throwing ink at your opponents and then attempting to run them over. In every other case, your team’s ink should be spread around the region by making advantage of the huge roller and the weapon’s good speed.

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