As part of Madden 23’s celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the game has included five new 88 OVR player items. These items showcase Hispanic players that have excelled in the past as well as a handful who are now thriving in the National Football League (NFL).

You are going to have to put in a little bit of grinding effort in order to acquire these things. And all of this may be accomplished with the use of offline gameplay. So, how exactly do you go about obtaining all five 88 OVRs? Let’s have a peek.

Instructions on how to obtain all 88 Hispanic Heritage Month players with a higher overall rating in Madden Ultimate Team

You will first need to obtain the 83 OVR version of each player in order to unlock the 88 OVR version of the four Hispanic Heritage Month players (Jim Plunkett, Ted Hendricks, Zane Gonzalez, Jonathan Casillas, and Kiko Alonso).

The 83 Overunder Rating Users will automatically receive a Ted Hendricks card when they start up Madden Ultimate Team for the first time. You will need to go to the Challenges section in order to obtain the remaining four. After you have completed the tasks for Casillas, Plunkett, Gonzalez, and Alonso, you will be able to obtain the 83 OVR version of the character.

After that is finished, in order to obtain the four 88 OVR cards, you will need to finish the goals for the mission. The following is a list of the goals for each:

1. Ted Hendricks

  • 25 victories when Ted Hendricks was on the team’s roster.
  • With Ted Hendricks on the roster, the team had 25 sacks.
  • 50 Tackles for the Team with Ted Hendricks on the Roster.

2. Zane Gonzalez

  • 25 victories when Zane Gonzalez was on the team’s roster
  • Twenty Sacks for the Team with Zane Gonzalez on the Roster
  • One hundred points for the team with Zane Gonzalez on the squad

3. Kiko Alonso

  • 25 victories when Kiko Alonso was on the team’s roster
  • 10 Lost Balls Due to Team Mistakes with Kiko Alonso on the Roster
  • With Kiko Alonso on the roster, the team has 75 tackles.

4. Jim Plunkett

  • 25 victories when Jim Plunkett was on the team’s roster
  • 2,500 Yards on the Ground for the Team with Jim Plunkett on the Roster
  • 1,500 Yards Passed As A Team With Jim Plunkett Listed On The Roster

5. Casillas, Jonathan

  • 25 victories when Jonathan Casillas was on the team’s roster.
  • 10 interceptions by the team overall with Jonathan Casillas on the roster.
  • With Jonathan Casillas on the roster, the team recorded 25 tackles.
  • Remember that wins earned in Solo Battles and Challenges will go against your overall tally of victories.

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