In an attempt to become Elden Lord of the Olympics, the head of the parent business of Elden Ring was accused of bribery.

The incredible beauty and ingenuity that FromSoftware’s development team is capable of being on full display in the Elden Ring. That is something that should fill Kadokawa Corporation, the parent business, with pride. It’s a good thing that happened, considering how Kadokawa undoubtedly feels about their chairman Tsuguhiko Kadokawa right about now. Recently, he was arrested on suspicion of taking bribes.

Midway through the month of September, Kadokawa, who is in control of the totality of the firm that carries his name, was taken into custody. It has been reported by VGC that he is currently being investigated for allegedly bribing a member of the Tokyo Olympics Committee. Since Japan hosted the Summer Olympics in the year 2020, it would appear that this accusation has been building up for quite some time already. The sum of the alleged bribe paid by Kadokawa is 69 million yen, which is equivalent to around $478,000 USD.

It would appear that Kadokawa was not the only one involved in these acts; but, the fact that he has resigned from his post is a move in the right direction. In his statement, he said, “I have chosen to quit as chairman of Kadokawa.” “This event is a significant challenge for Kadokawa, and in order for the company to triumph over it, I believe it requires a new organizational structure.” It’s a breath of fresh air, particularly in light of the scandals that have been plaguing American video game firms recently.

Before this legal complaint, Kadokawa Corporation was the subject of discussion in the news regarding video games. Both Sony and Tencent have recently acquired shares in FromSoftware, with the former holding a 14% interest and the latter a 16% position. As a result, Kadokawa is the owner of the majority stake. Not just FromSoftware, but also Spike Chunsoft, Gotcha Gotcha Games, and a few more developers are under the corporation’s management. 

This reorganization may present a chance for Sony to invest more resources into the FromSoftware division. The possibility of Bloodborne and Elden Ring movies being produced by PlayStation Productions is something that is already well known to us.

There are other names associated with his firm that you may have encountered more lately besides Tsuguhiko Kadokawa. Yoshimi Yasuda is currently working on a remake of Lollipop Chainsaw, which is scheduled to be released in 2023. Yasuda was not only a member of the initial development team but also served as the CEO of the games division of Kadokawa at one point.

CD Projekt Red has provided a look into its future and announced various projects that are currently in development.

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