Guide to the MLB The Show 22 Fall Stars Featured Program, including information on all available awards, objectives, and ways to get experience.

The most recent offering from the MLB. On October 7, the formal launch of the Fall Stars Program, also known as Show 22 Diamond Dynasty, took place. This event will take place over the remainder of the month of October and will include nine brand-new 99 OVR program bosses. Users will have the opportunity to obtain five from the program, in addition to a few intriguing henchman. So, how exactly does the distribution of the rewards work? Let’s have a peek.

Rewards for Falling Stars

The following is a rundown of all of the awards that may be earned through the Fall Stars program, as well as the required amount of experience points to advance to each new level:

LevelRewardXP Requirement
1MLB The Show 22 Pack2,500
2Legends Icons Pack and 500 Stubs5,000
3Legend Bat Skins Pack and 500 Stubs7,500
4MLB The Show 22 Pack (x3)10,000
5Classic Stadium Pack and 500 Stubs15,000
6Bat Skin and 1,000 Stubs20,000
798 OVR Milestone Whitey Ford25,000
8Ballin’ is a Habit Pack (x2)30,000
92,000 Stubs35,000
10MLB The Show 22 Pack40,000
11Headliners Set 50 Pack45,000
1297 OVR Postseason Madison Bumgarner50,000
13Ballin’ is a Habit Pack55,000
142,500 Stubs60,000
15MLB The Show 22 Pack (x3)65,000
16Big Dog Set 1 Choice Pack70,000
1799 OVR Retro Finest Willie Stargell75,000
18Big Dog Set 2 Choice Pack80,000
19MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)85,000
20Big Dog Set 3 Choice Pack90,000
21Headliners Set 40 Pack (x2)95,000
22Fall Stars Bosses Choice Pack100,000
23Always Intense Set 2 Choice Pack110,000
2499 OVR Retro Finest Joe Carter125,000
25Always Intense Set 2 Choice Pack140,000
26Fall Stars Bosses Choice Pack150,000
273,500 Stubs160,000
2899 OVR Retro Finest Kirk Gibson175,000
292022 All-Star Choice Pack190,000
30Fall Stars Bosses Choice Pack200,000
31Home Run Derby Choice Pack210,000
3299 OVR Retro Finest Luis Gonzales225,000
33MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)240,000
34Fall Stars Bosses Choice Pack250,000
35Ballin’ is a Habit Pack (x2)260,000
36Headliners Set 41 Pack (x3)270,000
37Juicy Set 1 Choice Pack280,000
38Juicy Set 2 Choice Pack290,000
39Fall Stars Bosses Choice Pack300,000
40MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)310,000
413,500 Stubs320,000
42Headliners Set 42 Pack (x3)330,000
43Ballin’ is a Habit Pack (x2)340,000
44Headliners Set 43 Pack (x2)350,000
454,000 Stubs360,000
46MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)370,000
47Headliners Set 44 Pack (x3)380,000
48Ballin’ is a Habit Pack (x3)390,000
49AL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack400,000
50AL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack420,000
51AL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack440,000
52NL EAST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack460,000
53NL CENTRAL Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack480,000
54NL WEST Legends of the Franchise Choice Pack500,000
552022 All-Star Game Choice Pack520,000
56Headliners Set 45 Choice Pack540,000
57Home Run Derby Choice Pack560,000
58Headliners Set 46 Choice Pack580,000
59Ballin’ out of Control Pack600,000
60Headliners Set 47 Choice Pack620,000
61Juicy Set 1 Choice Pack640,000
62Headliners Set 48 Choice Pack660,000
63Juicy Set 2 Choice Pack680,000
64Ballin’ out of Control Pack (x3)700,000
65Headliners Set 49 Choice Pack720,000
66Ballin’ is a Habit pack740,000
67Headliners Set 50 Choice Pack760,000
68MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)780,000
69Ballin’ out of Control Pack (x3)800,000
70MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)825,000
71MLB The Show 22 Pack (x5)850,000
72MLB The Show 22 Pack (x10)875,000
73Ballin’ out of Control Pack (x5)900,000
74MLB The Show 22 Pack (x10)925,000
75MLB The Show 22 Pack (x20)950,000
76MLB The Show 22 Pack (x20)975,000
77Ballin’ out of Control Pack (x5)1,000,000

How Experience Points Are Earned

Those who are just getting started with MLB The Show 22 should know that there are a lot of different methods to level up and get experience. In MLB The Show 22, players have the opportunity to play a variety of game modes and gain XP after each game they play. These game modes include Road to the Show, Diamond Dynasty, Franchise, and even March to October.

This program now includes Daily and Featured Program Moments in addition to its previous content. The Featured Moments give the same amount of XP for each one that is completed, whereas the Daily Moments give a boost of 3,000 XP. In addition, gamers that win games during the Legends of the Franchise event will receive a boost to their overall score.

Users of this application have another way to earn XP, and that is through completing the Missions that SDS has included in it. Users can grind for PXP Points by using henchmen cards that they have got through this software, such as the 99 OVR versions of the Luis Gonzalez and Joe Carter cards. After finishing each of them, every player will earn 5,000 experience points.

In addition to that, a whole new conquest known as the Widow Conquest has been included in MLB The Show. Simply finishing it will earn users a total of 45,000 experience points. Always be on the lookout for new conquests and Showdowns to participate in.

Additionally, there are collections available for use with this application. Users are eligible to receive 15,000 XP after they have obtained all of the Lightning Bo Bichette items and completed the collection. Players of Diamond Dynasty are eligible to receive 30,000 Experience Points (XP) whenever they acquire one of the four key players in the Extreme Program.

Remember to bear in mind the following fact: even though you have earned a grand total of 120,000 XP, you will not be able to claim it for this program if you have already completed collections for people participating in the Extreme Program.

The duration of this program will be three weeks. On November 4 it will come to an end.

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