The Reckoning is the sixth and final objective in the Path major plot quest line in the God of War Ragnarok video game. As part of it, you will go to the realm of Vanaheim, which is a forest, in order to investigate the origin of the curse that keeps Freya bound to Midgard.

Your travels start at Freyr’s Camp in the Southern Wilds and take you all the way to Freyr’s Camp in the Eastern Barri Woods. From there, go to the west to reach The Abandoned Village, where you will discover the origin of the curse. However, it is being defended with great vigor.

After you have vanquished Nidhogg and released Freya from the shackles of her curse, you should go farther to the west to reach the Western Barri Woods. When you arrive and view the map in your notebook, you will observe that there are only two items in this area: one piece of Lore, and one collectible labeled “Undiscovered.”

After completing more steps along The Path, you will need to make your way back to Vanaheim if you wish to finish the Western Barri Woods with a perfect completion score. This is a requirement that has always been in place. However, how much further is it?

How to get the previously unknown collectible located in the Western Barri Woods

The previously unknown item is called Scent of Survival, and you will learn its whereabouts as soon as you begin the side task Favor associated with Scent of Survival. Creatures of Prophecy is the thirteenth objective along The Path, and accomplishing it triggers the automatic beginning of the side quest Scent of Survival while you are exiting Freyr’s Camp after finishing it. If you are still playing through The Reckoning, then you still have quite a ways to go until you complete the game.

Once you have begun playing Scent of Survival, you are required to see it through to its conclusion in order to get the collectible. You will need to pursue Helka all the way from Vanaheim to The Crater in order to complete this quest. It is not a very difficult task. When the quest is over, the collectible will be marked as completed, and you will also be granted access to The Crater. This area features The Plains and The Sinkholes, both of which are rich in loot and collectibles.

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