Christopher Dring of GamesIndustry has just ended the latest rumor concerning Fable that was circulating yesterday.

Yesterday, a post appeared in a forum known for its reliability called 4-Chan. The post claimed that internal work on the next installment of the Fable series had been resumed since the most recent build of the game was said to be regarded as unplayable by the team.

Consequently, it was speculated that the development team began working on a new version of the game using the Unreal Engine after deciding to abandon the Forzatech version. It is interesting to note that the article also said that, even though the production of the game had recently begun, the new goal window for the game’s release is in the fourth quarter of 2024.

The story immediately took pace, and although the source is very doubtful, Windows Central’s Jez Corden jumped in by noting that he wouldn’t be shocked if the report proved accurate. Even though the source is highly problematic, the claim quickly gained traction.

We already figured that releasing a game such as Fable in less than two years after development was restarted was relatively quick. Still, the Head of the Games Industry, Christopher Dring, has now also said this ‘rumor’ isn’t legit. On Twitter, Dring wrote: “This is not true”. Dring shared no further details.

Back in 2020, it was officially confirmed that a new Fable would be available for Xbox Series and PC. Playground Games, the company responsible for creating Forza Horizon, is currently working on a new game powered by the ForzaTech engine.

Regrettably, we haven’t seen much of the reboot’s development progress since the game’s reveal more than two years ago. Recent speculations suggest that the title’s development is moving quickly due to Microsoft’s insistence on using in-house engines. On the other hand, Microsoft’s Matt Booty stated not so long ago that the development of the new Fable is going in a very positive direction.

“There’s stuff I wish I could share and show because some of the things I’ve seen are just so encouraging”, the Xbox Game Studios head said in an interview back in November of 2022.

“There’s a danger sometimes, that you don’t want to [have] the RPG team go make a racing game or vice-versa. You don’t want the shooter team to make a kid’s building-block game. You can get in trouble there.

But [Playground has] an excellent technology base, they’ve got a passion for the IP, and they’ve just got such a demonstrated commitment to craft and quality.”

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