Fix Lost Ark Cannot Connect To The Server Due To Heavy Traffic [10027]

If you cannot connect to Lost Ark because you are receiving the error message 10027, this guide may assist you in reconnecting to the game so that you can get back to enjoying it!

Are you ready to play the Lost Ark game?

You excitedly launch the game, ready to choose a server and get started playing, but instead, you see the following error message:

We’re sorry.
Cannot connect to the server due to heavy traffic. [10027]

Lost Ark error message

That’s a bummer.

This tutorial will walk you through the reasons for the appearance of this error message, as well as the alternative solutions you may try.

Let’s hop into it!

Lost Ark 10027 Error Message Explained

The error notice can show on the screen when you boot up the game. Pinging the game servers causes your game client to get an error message, which prevents you from viewing the server list. The error message is returned to the game client.

So, what are your options?

Regrettably, there is not much that can be done on your end other than to hold out hope that Amazon Game Services (AGS) will soon improve their servers, as they have also committed to doing. The fact that Lost Ark has such a large user base is the root cause of this error notice appearing in the first place.

In the meanwhile, the following are some potential solutions to this problem:

Fix 1: Keep Restarting Lost Ark

This one is easy, and you’ve probably already tried it, but you need to restart the game repeatedly, and you should keep your fingers crossed that it will ultimately allow you to view the server list.

Even though you may have to restart the game quite a few times, this update should solve most players’ issues.

This will enable you to join the line for your server, and after you have progressed through the queue, you can play.

Fix 2: Play At A Different Time

You can also play Lost Ark at a different time if that suits your schedule.

If you can play Lost Ark at a time other than 17:00 to 00:00 (CET), you should be able to log in and may even be able to bypass server waits. Again, this is because most players play Lost Ark during those hours.

We are now at the whim and discretion of AGS, so unfortunately, these are the only options. If we come across any other approaches, we will incorporate them into this page.

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