In modern video games based on Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Sonic’s best friend, must always play some role. You simply cannot have one without the other. Tails follow Sonic everywhere he goes and is almost always there at his side. Because of this, when Eggman and Amy are separated at the beginning of Sonic Frontiers, we knew it was only a matter of time until you had this brainiac fox saying a lot of witty things to match Eggman’s intelligence. This is the strategy for rescuing Tails in Sonic Frontiers.

Sonic Frontiers walkthrough: how to save Tails

The process of rescuing Tails is essential to the overall narrative of the tale and cannot be skipped. After you have beaten the Wyvern, the game’s second boss, on Ares Island while working with Knuckles, he will become accessible to you as a playable character. Following his victory in that battle, Super Sonic will immediately take out Chaos Island in order to prevent the Chaos Emeralds from falling back into his possession.

You will be provided with a point marker to use in your quest for buddies as soon as you take control of Sonic Chaos Island. In a setting very resembling the one in which Amy and Knuckles were previously held captive, Tails is being held at this location. Be sure you have a total of 20 Tails’ Memory Tokens in your possession before you travel to that location.

As was the case with Amy and Knuckles before him, Tails’ Memory Tokens are distinct to him and take the form of yellow wrenches when they are used in open areas. Before you can reach him, you will have to navigate your way past a variety of obstacles of varying kinds. You should have at least 12 of them before you meet him, and the last eight may be taken from a blue chest that is located quite close to where Tails is standing.

If you engage with Tails while you have a total of at least 20 Memory Tokens, he will be released from his imprisonment. At this point in the narrative, you also get the opportunity to watch how Sonic’s physical self is beginning to be affected by all of the digital corruption. From this point on, the gameplay and exploration will be quite similar to what you have already experienced up to this point.

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