We have known for some time that Final Fantasy XVI will be more mature than previous installments in the series. As a result, it has been given a provisional 18 rating by PEGI and will almost certainly be given an M rating by the ESRB, even though the ESRB has not yet issued a ruling on the matter.

As of right now, the Brazilian rating board has given Final Fantasy XVI a rating of 16+ (which would translate to 18 or M in most of the rest of the world), and they have also provided an in-depth description of all of the content in the game that is deemed to be offensive. Caution: Some people might consider the following information to be a SPOILER. If you wish to start Final Fantasy 16 with no prior knowledge, you shouldn’t read any further.

Because the Brazilian Rating System has issued a warning about violence, blood, torture, sex scenes, partial nudity, and drug use, it would appear that Square Enix is not holding back at all with Final Fantasy XVI.

In addition, some material can spark a more widespread dispute, such as examples of hate crimes and what might be attempted rape or sexual coercion. The rating board was kind enough to compile a list of all the content in Final Fantasy 16 that could be construed as offensive, along with an indication of the appropriate age range for each item.

  • Violence with weapons (10)
  • Sex appeal (12)
  • Violent acts (12)
  • Illegal drug use (12)
  • Descriptions of violence (12)
  • Sexual innuendo (12)
  • Bodily injury (12)
  • Foul language (12)
  • Sexual language (12)
  • Veiled nudity (12)
  • Presence of blood (12)
  • Victim suffering (12)
  • Eroticism (14)
  • Stigma/prejudice (14)
  • Intentional killing (14)
  • Nudity (14)
  • Prostitution (14)
  • Sexual intercourse (14)
  • Hate crimes (16)
  • Rape/sexual harassment (16)
  • Suicide (16)
  • Torture (16)
  • Gratuitous violence/trivialization of violence (16)

The following are some more aggravating conditions that led to their heavier emphasis on specific aspects of the argument. It would appear that the Brazilian authorities took particular offense to the fact that many of the violent acts depicted in the game are carried out by characters who are either children or teenagers. In particular, this appears to have caused them concern.

  • Violence with weapons, violent act, presence of blood, intentional killing, torture, and suffering of the victims are aggravated by both frequency and inappropriate content with children or adolescents
  • Consumption of licit drugs aggravated by frequency
  • Prostitution and language with sexual content aggravated by frequency
  • Stigma or prejudice and hate crimes are aggravated due to inappropriate content with children or adolescents.

We’ve gone a long way from the sweet sprites of yesteryear, but according to the producer Naoki Yoshida, the explicit content in Final Fantasy XVI isn’t there for titillation; instead, it supports a more adult tale…

  • Because it was simply an attempt, there is less chance of rape or sexual compulsion occurring.
  • Reduced opportunities for sexual interaction due to the layout of the scenario
  • There is some violent stuff, but the scene’s arrangement helps to tone it down.

“These ratings might wind up being somewhat of an impediment when attempting to create a narrative with challenging adult themes,” the author of the piece said. And as a result, you find that the things you had planned to accomplish in the game change depending on the rating you received.

You had intended to display something, but you need to shift the camera away since you have to maintain a particular rating to continue. Because of this, the whole thing has the impression of being less expensive than it is.

This time around, to guarantee that we would be able to tell the story we wanted in the manner we wanted to tell it, we decided to seek a mature rating in most of the territories where the game would be released.

The release of Final Fantasy XVI for the PlayStation 5 is scheduled for the summer of 2023. The release date has been rumored to be on June 22, however, this has not been officially verified.

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